News Crew Receives Beat Down Right in Front of White House

A news crew, allegedly with NBC, was caught on camera being beaten down in Lafayette Square Park by a mob of "peaceful" protesters. NBC refuses to admit it even happened, much less report the...

Court Deals Trump MAJOR Win Ahead of Elections

A Maryland court tossed a nuisance suit filed by the American Federation of Government Employees right in the trash where it belongs. It's a major win for President Donald Trump. Just in time for...

Uber Pledges to be an ‘Anti-Racist Company’, Then Pulls a Racist Stunt

Many companies have been under media scrutiny after using Black Lives Matter on their social media pages. Some supporters of the BLM movement believe that the companies are using social media to show support...

Associated Press: White People, in General, Have Much Less Shared History and Culture

The Associated Press defended blatant racism on Monday, boldly proclaiming on their official news site, "white people in general have much less shared history and culture, and don’t have the experience of being discriminated...

Homeowner Exercises His 2nd Amendment Rights and Shoots 3 Armed Intruders

A homeowner victim in Florida exercised his Second Amendment rights when he shot and killed two intruders with a third being wounded. Homeowner Gets Suprise Visitors The homeowner recants that he was playing video games a...

Watch: Road Worker Sign Strategically Located in Commieland Goes Viral

A construction sign was put along a road in a California area on Sunday with a flashing message saying, “Do not slow for protesters” is gaining both positive and negative reactions. The Sign Says It...

FB Purge 3.0: HERE is Who They Targeted This Time

Facebook did it again, Mark Zuckerberg "became unreasonable." This time, instead of fake Russian accounts or conservative news, Purge version 3.0 targets "hundreds of accounts, groups and pages" linked to the hardcore right-wing extremist...

Watch: Massive Air Tankers Prevent Evacuation

Thanks to a pair of massive "Super Scooper" air tankers provided for use by Arizona fire officials, local residents of a remote off grid community called Whispering Ranch were able to avoid evacuation. Hard...

Video Shows Just How Deadly CHAZ Area Really is Without Police Presence

There aren't any racist pigs from the police in the open societies utopia called CHAZ. They can murder black people all they want without professional help, thank you very much. Things turned deadly in...