Progressives Begin to Panic as Things Begin to Shift


ICYMI- The woke and trendy board of Twitter directors decided to grab Elon Musk’s cash and split, leaving progressives who rely on the platform to protect them from conservative speech in total panic.

Twitter sells itself

The board of directors over at Twitter had only one question for Elon Musk, show us the cash. He did. Sold! The social media megalith announced on Monday, April 25, that they’re taking Musk’s “roughly $44 billion deal.

Just to make sure he had the processing fees and other little items all covered, Musk “lined up $46.5 billion.

As soon as the Twitter board dialed up Elon’s bank and got confirmation of funds on a $46,500,000,000.00 check, the deal was “unanimously approved by the company’s board.

They hope to have it all tied up with a bow for him by Christmas. The whole thing “is expected to close this year.

Devout Democrat and big cheese in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, never cared for the Social Media network to start with. “In many ways, Twitter is a dark, dark place,” he observed on Tuesday. “I hope it doesn’t get any darker.

That would be tough, considering they’re already run by the Deep State as a tool of suppressing conservative speech.

Impact on election

It’s a small and nondescript company on paper that’s worth less now than when it went public, eight years ago. Even so, the thought of Elon Musk owning Twitter as his very own scares the New World Order silly.

News that they’re taking his offer “has inspired unsolicited input from US lawmakers, rampant speculation about its impact on the 2024 US presidential election, and even breathless, hyperbolic comparisons to the last days of Weimar Germany,” CNN reports.

Liberals are terrified because Twitter acts as the thought police to keep deplorable Trump supporters from making socialists uncomfortable.

They do that by “adding labels for false or misleading information” and “banning the misgendering of transgender people.” They even blocked former President Donald Trump from ever sending another tweet for the rest of his life.

Once Elon Musk gets his hands on the helm, he intends to make the secret “algorithm,” which magically determines what shows up on your screen, “open source.

You can probably kiss those planned “third-party tools for users to help prevent harassment” goodbye, too. Left-wingers whine “some who’ve been following the work Twitter has done in recent years worry it could be unraveled.

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