Hillary Clinton Gets Dragged Through the Mud

hillary clinton
hillary clinton

Well, even though former first lady Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the White House twice, at least she won an Emmy, right? Hillary and Chelsea executive-produced the Netflix documentary “In Her Hands” which won the award for Best Documentary in the Politics & Government category of 44th Net & Documentary Emmy Awards program on Thursday, September 28.

And as expected, Clinton took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to boast about her win because what else does she have to show for?

Although many congratulated Hillary on her win, others used this opportunity to wipe the floor with her and bring up some of her past controversies such as questions surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death or the Trump-Russia hoax that was debunked earlier this year.

One individual even went back to 2012 with a reference to Benghazi – an incident that has long been used by Republicans as a way of attacking Mrs. Clinton’s character.

“In Her Hands” is a documentary detailing Zarifa Ghafari’s tenure as mayor of Maidan Shahr in Central Afghanistan before Taliban resurgence following President Joe Biden’s decision to pull American troops out of the country.

It was also the first project from HiddenLight Productions – a production company founded by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton along with Sam Branson – which is based in London, New York and LA. Its mission statement is “to raise up new talent, diverse voices and untold stories from across the globe.”

The hope behind this project is that it will entertain viewers while providing them with knowledge about global issues and developing greater understanding of different cultures around the world through film making.

So since she lost her bid to become the first female president of the United States, Clinton has to at least celebrate the little victories, I suppose.

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