FEMA Workers Bask in Luxury at Maui Resorts While Residents Get Tents


While displaced Maui residents huddle in tents, FEMA officials and staff are living the vida loca in five-star resorts. “Pain and suffering have turned to anger for some residents,” when they saw the news. Joe Biden’s handlers don’t want to admit that around 1,000 people aren’t really “missing.” They’re dead because they had no place to go. Somebody dropped the ball.

FEMA roughing it in resorts

FEMA booked themselves in the five-star luxury resorts,” Fox News revealed on August 22. That was after one of their producers saw the photos in Daily Mail.

The ones which show Federal Emergency Management Agency “workers relaxing in luxury resorts at the cocktail bar.

Images of “FEMA workers on their laptops at the Fairmont Kea Lanirubbed burned out residents of Lahaina the wrong way.

Government employees or government volunteers staying in these luxury accommodations being funded by taxpayers,” Dustin Kaleiopu observes. “That’s where the frustration comes from.” He lost his home in the blaze.

It’s not true that Joe Biden is printing up $1,000 a night for FEMA staff, spokesperson Darrell Habisch insists. They may be hanging out in luxury but they get a discount. They get the “government rate of $345,” he assures.

Other outlets are noting that might be true for some or most of the rooms, others are going for northward of $850. No matter what they pay, there are pools, restaurants, and service galore.

Here for the survivors

FEMA personnel and responders are not here on vacation,” Habisch claims. “We’re all here for the residents of Maui and the survivors of this terrible, this terrible incident.” Just because they’re setting up tents for the survivors, doesn’t mean that they need to sleep in one themselves. Joe doesn’t want his emergency crews sleeping on the beach and fighting the monkeys for the coconuts.

And if these larger resorts have the capacity, they’re the ones who agreed to it to say, yeah, we want to help; they want to help as much as everybody else.” They help with towels and lots of rum.

So, they’re saying we will take a dramatically reduced government rate that you can get at any hotel on the island, and we’ll agree to that.

After a hard day of recovering charred bodies, the FEMA crews need a dip in the pool and a stiff drink. Because price isn’t everything when it comes to public relations “optics,” political analyst Colin Moore notes “these are challenging times.

With Joe Biden under investigation for bribery and influence peddling, “it’s jarring to see these images of the people who are there to help stay in these luxurious surroundings.” He also points out that the FEMA officials have to pay for their own drinks and massages.

It’s also important to remember that there’s a per diem for the amount of money that government workers can spend. Obviously, alcohol isn’t part of that, you know, the amenities on a resort aren’t part of that, you know, and they’re there to do their job.

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