If it Works, We’ll All Be Rich


If it works, we’ll all be rich,” Eric Schwerin typed to Hunter Biden in August 2011. Not long after that, Hunter took a little trip to Bogota. Probably to sample their coke straight from the source. According to a report by the New York Post, every time Hunter went on a little trot around the globe, he stopped by to chat with his dad and report the progress. That’s probably when he gave the big guy his cut of the ill gotten gains.

Getting rich doing not much

Hunter Biden had a serious cocaine and hooker habit and managed to get rich without trying. He didn’t have a single skill in the energy industry but ended up collecting huge paychecks for siting on the board of Burisma. What he lacked in qualifications, he made up in connections.

Hunter also had “dozens of talks with his father from 2008 to 2016.” Pretty much every time he came home after “trips abroad on business.” All the sordid details are on that laptop which the FBI refuses to investigate.

According to the headlines, at least 30 of those little secret meetings took place between Hunter and his dad. Another message leaked from the laptop says Joe Biden was shaking him down for half the take.

Joe got rich along with Hunter but nobody wants to investigate anyone for any of it. Hunter’s personal calendar is the source for reporting that the “meetings took place at either the White House or the vice president’s residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Joe Biden continues to swear up and down that he never discussed business with Hunter. Not once. Then again, he couldn’t remember that he was in a briefing about the first Webb Telescope images either.

He has no recollection of all that money Hunter brought him from Russia and China. If you’re rich and don’t remember it does it count?


Wined and dined in Moscow

Back in the dim and distant past of February 2012, Hunter “met with his father at the Naval Observatory.” He had to tell dad all about his trip to Russia. They both were getting rich. Only four days earlier he “was wined and dined by billionaire oligarchs in Moscow.

Then, there’s that time in November of 2015. They had another little visit at the Observatory, this time only two days after returning from Romania.

Another little junket memorialized in the laptop involved an April 15, 2016 meeting with Daniel Kablan Duncan. At the time, Duncan was prime minister of Côte d’Ivoire.

As soon as it ended, Hunter made a beeline for the Naval Observatory. Less than an hour after the meeting with the leader of the Ivory Coast, he was telling his dad all about how the Africans want to make them rich.

According to Elise Stefanik, Chair of the House Republican Conference it’s just the latest evidence of corruption. “Hardly a day goes by without another revelation about how intimately involved Joe Biden was with his son Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings.

The fact that Joe was in meetings with senior foreign leaders on behalf of Hunter and his business associates while vice president further proves that Joe has been lying to the American people.” They’ll lie cheat and steal to get rich. They get away with it because they’re puppets of the New World Order.

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