All of Us Are One Step Closer to Eating Tasty NWO Approved Bugs


Did you ever stop to consider that eating bugs might be better than bacon? No? Well, there’s a good reason for that. The whole concept is disgusting. What would it take for you to give the bug bacon substitute a try? You would have to be starving you say? Okay, let’s just put all the farmers out of business. In the Netherlands, farm families are being put out of business. They are fighting back and the protests are spreading across Europe. No farms means no food. Buy your cattlebug breeding stock now, to get in on the ground floor.

The benefits of eating bugs

The globalist policy crafters over at the World Economic Forum cooked up a Frankenfood farming policy that “aligns with their climate change goals.” It’s all spelled out in the “Great Reset” plan.

All the details of how the New World Order will convince everyone to eat bugs were hashed out by the banking families long ago. It won’t be long until the public relations guys will be marketing a McBugs happy meal.

According to Wytse Sonnema, a spokesperson for The Netherlands’ Agricultural and Horticultural Organization, as quoted by Conservative Treehouse, an “intentional curtailing of food production, that creates the purposeful shortage of food, is where Bill Gates, the WEF, and the synthetic meat and bugs for food advocates enter the picture.

It appears the plan is to replace the missing global calories by changing the food supply: changing what, and how, people eat.

The United States media won’t say a word about what the Dutch farmers have been up to. If all the food distribution warehouses here were blocked by tractors and all the grocery store shelves went empty, it would be a huge deal. Just the baby formula running short had everyone losing their minds.

They pretend not to see what’s happening in the Netherlands because images of farmers setting hay bales on fire in front of government offices might give American farmers bad ideas. For now, the US farm lobbies are powerful enough to keep us eating bacon instead of bugs but as progressives see things, it’s only a matter of time.

Coming to North America

Fasten your seatbelts America because we’re in for a bumpy ride. The exact same climate change goals being imposed on Europe are coming to North America next. Rainbow sock wearing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is already aboard the Great Reset bus.

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been pushing the green agenda for a long time and so has Trudeau. They came up with the exact same plan, proving someone else created it for both of them. In order to eliminate all those methane cow farts, the world will be eating bugs in no time.

When Dutch farmers got the official word of crippling regulations which are guaranteed to put at least half of them out of business, they picked up their pitchforks and torches and made a convoy with their tractors. They seized control of food distribution warehouses, a major airport, and other key places.

As they burned haybales in the street and squirted smelly fertilizer at the homes of their government leaders, the fishermen blockaded a port in support. Farmers from Italy to Poland quickly took to their tractors in solidarity as well. They’ll be eating bugs when Satan ice skates to work.

Right behind United States, the Netherlands is the second largest food exporter. Everything they grow is used to feed Europe. The math is simple enough for even a liberal.

If “North American and European farmers are forced by climate policy to reduce their food production, there will be a shortage of food. There will be a significant gap between the food needed and the new climate driven limits on commercial food production.” Cue the Frankenfood. “Lab grown (synthetic) meat, nut/soy milk to replace dairy, and bugs being used as replacements for protein sources are three approaches advocated by the climate change advocates.

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