Staggering 81 Terror Suspects Walked Across Border


At least 81 terror suspects walked in with the flood of illegal aliens pouring across our southern border. Contrary to what the Palace Propaganda Minister keeps insisting, they are simply walking right across. A bunch of them are infected, many with COVID. The suspected terrorists counted in that “official” number may or may not include those three guys in ghillie suits. The ones nabbed in New Mexico who nobody wants to talk about.

Terror threat is real

A staggering “81 individuals on the US terrorist watchlist have been stopped at the border” since Joe Biden pried his way into the seat of government with a crowbar, Texas governor Greg Abbott tweeted. Nobody knows how many got away.

Abbott had the official government reports to wave around. U.S. Border Patrol data shows “its agents have encountered 66 people on the terror watchlist at the U.S. border this fiscal year. Another 15 people on the list were stopped the year Biden took office.

Before Biden the Magnificent usurped office, “Border Patrol agents had only encountered 3 terror suspects a year or none at all.” If those guys in ghillie suits are any indication, we just got 3 in one group.

The terror watchlist, New York Post notes, “a federal database of all known or suspected terrorists.” Most of them are not American citizens.

The FBI tries to play the 81 incursions down as no big deal because they’re calling everyone a terror suspect these days. Especially conservative parents. “In the last decade, the list has grown to include those could be a potential threat to the U.S. or who are associates of those who are threats.

Even so, “The sharp rise in apprehensions of the watchlisted individuals coincides with a significant rise in overall border encounters,” Abbott points out.

1.8 Million and counting

Since October, official border patrol numbers show they “encountered 1.8 million people at the southern Border of the US.” That doesn’t give a clue as to how many they didn’t “encounter.” If 81 terror suspects got caught, you can bet a whole bunch more got through.

They could be learning to fly airplanes, like the 9/11 crew, right now. If so, the FBI (allegedly) has the student pilots out of Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, doing double duty, flying covert surveillance missions for them. Since most of those student pilots (reportedly) happen to be Chinese, that means the FBI is really training Chinese spy pilots.

Christopher Wray really doesn’t want to talk about that right now. China is a terror threat all on it’s own. That’s okay, because the FBI agent in charge admitted on the news when they first got caught at it that the spy program is “no secret.” He was just upset that someone happened to be passing out the names of the front companies. Americans are wondering how many terrorists are employed by the bureau.


Governor Abbott has a right to be concerned about the security risk along his state’s stretch of the international border. Biden’s “refusal to secure the border is a direct threat to our national security.” Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales agrees. His district “covers much of the Texas border.

Biden, he informs, “has refused to acknowledge the crisis at the border, including children drowning trying to cross into Texas, and the 53 immigrants who died in the back of tractor trailer in San Antonio in June.

The terror threat is real. “The Administration has failed to acknowledge that these things are happening. They have chosen to ignore all aspects of the border, not just the areas they don’t want to talk about, everything.

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