The Fauci Complete MELTDOWN You Need to See


It has become very apparent that most of the country is not nearly as enthusiastic about watching Doctor Fauci as he is about appearing on camera. Despite his best efforts to be a dramatic actor in a new documentary, the project seems to have backfired pretty disastrously. Fauci  has been received by much of the country as a sort of insult for any number of reasons. The “documentary” was produced by National Geographic with a clear agenda in mind.

Fauci poorly received

Did anyone in America really need an entire documentary devoted to Doctor Fauci? Even the most sympathetic liberal must at least be getting tired of hearing about the pandemic at this point.

The doctor and the people behind the documentary evidently feel that he is far more fascinating than the rest of the country. Audiences have made their disagreement clear.

It needn’t have been this way. If the country is thoroughly sick of Fauci it is largely due to his obvious love for being on camera and his constant insistence that he is supremely confident.

Fauci aims to make the audience feel sympathy for the difficulties the doctor has faced. It features tearful scenes as he discusses the trauma of his past work.

It is hard to see this as anything other than a failed propaganda effort. The “documentary” is essentially little more than attempt to lionize the doctor and dismiss his critics.

Despite predictably laudatory reviews from critics, audience scores have been abysmally low pretty much everywhere.


It is difficult to see who this documentary was made for. Critics of Doctor Fauci are not going to be won over by a few emotional scenes in a propaganda piece.

Fans of the doctor may be enthusiastic about the idea but will they be enthusiastic enough to watch an entire documentary devoted to singing his praises?

One doubts that the film makes any attempt to ask the doctor any tough questions about his conflicting pronouncements, partisan posturing, and rising personal wealth.

At a time in which statues and monuments dedicated to real American heroes are being gleefully torn down there is something especially insulting about being presented with Doctor Fauci as an intended replacement.

Presumably some poor benighted liberals really are devoted enough to convince themselves that they actually believe that the doctor is as interesting and charismatic as he seems to think he is.

For these people the documentary will surely be a hit, albeit one that no one really needed. For the rest of us it is a somewhat sad attempt to convince us to idolize someone we’re all getting sick of hearing about.

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