Fraudster Fauci Attempts to Secure More Money and Power


Dr. Deep State, Anthony Fauci doesn’t seem to mind that he got his hand caught in the cookie jar when the world found out he “allegedly” unlawfully funded Covid-19. Oh, that’s nothing, he insists. In fact, he’d do it again. While we’re on that subject… he wants to do it again.

Fauci at it again

Dr. Anthony Fauci is convinced that there will be another pandemic in the coming years. You have to admit that he has access to the inside information. That’s why he would really like a few billion dollars to play with.

The scheme is to “launch an ambitious plan to make prototype vaccines that could protect against pathogens from 20 families of viruses that threaten human lives.” He’s not telling you that the diseases he wants to build vaccines for are already sitting in little bottles in refrigerators around the world.

We can’t fire Dr. Fauci, who makes more than Imperial Leader Joe Biden does, because we need him to build the vaccines to the really freaky chimera’s which gained some interesting functions through designer genes. Ones like modified Ebola, for instance. Waiting until those red dots fill the map like a case of measles will be far too late. That’s one thing we learned in the year of the bat.

It “won’t come cheap,” the good doctor warns, “a few billion dollars” a year. Not only that, “the first round of results wouldn’t emerge for at least five years.” By the way, he needs “a huge number of scientists” to “conduct the necessary studies.” He told liberal writers at the New York Times, “It would require pretty large sums of money but after what we’ve been through, it’s not out of the question.”

The good news, Fauci notes, is that they can recycle “research tools that have worked with COVID-19.” They can do just like they did before.

“scientists would study the molecular structure of each virus, searching for the spots where antibodies must strike it, and figuring out how to prompt the body to make those antibodies.” A biological arms race. We can call it “Star Wars in a Jar.”

In discussions with the palace

Fauci isn’t worried about scoring all those billions he needs to save the planet, or at least save the Rothschilds and their hand selected minions while the riffraff disappear. Someone will fork it over.

“If we get the funding, which I believe we will, it likely will start in 2022. He has been pushing the idea in discussions with the White House and others.” Others being the Wuhan Institute of Virology, home of the Asian Andromeda Strain.

Dr. Francis Collins is amazed they don’t already have the grant money in hand. The director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health admits “he thought the necessary funds would be allocated” because the project is so “compelling.” He knows about what’s in the fridge too. Fauci needs that money quick, Collins urges.

“As we begin to contemplate a successful end to the COVID-19 pandemic, we must not shift back into complacency.” According to Dr. John Mascola, director of the Vaccine Research Center, for each “virus family, we are in a different state of knowledge and vaccine development. “Vaccines for Lassa fever and Nipah virus, for example, are in early stages. Vaccines for Chikungunya and Zika are further along.”

Dr. Deep State already started funneling the money he has control over into the project. “Much of the financial support would come from the agency that Fauci heads, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.” The problem is that’s not enough to pay for the protective gear, much less the research.

Additional funds “would have to be allocated by Congress.” If designer Ebola was to decide to suddenly jump out of monkeys in West Africa, “scientists could immunize people in the outbreak by quickly manufacturing the necessary prototype vaccine.” The way Dr. Dennis Burton puts it, “The name of the game would be to try and restrict spillovers to outbreaks.”

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