NFL Legend Found Dead


The NFL has just lost another legendary player and Super Bowl champion. Fans are now mourning the death of former Dallas Cowboys player Walt Garrison.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Walt Garrison, an incredible NFL fullback who dedicated nine seasons to the Dallas Cowboys and even helped them win a Super Bowl in 1971. He was 79 years old.

Garrison first began his football career at Oklahoma State before being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys during the fifth round of the 1966 NFL Draft. His success as a rusher earned him third place among all other running backs on the team, while his receiving skills ranked him fourth overall.

During his time with the Cowboys, he accumulated 3,886 rushing yards.

Not only did Garrison excel on the field but off it too – he was known to compete in local rodeos as a steer wrestler after team meetings up until 11 PM. However, legendary head coach Tom Landry put boundaries in place to prevent Garrison from taking on this activity full-time during season – this was due to a clause in his contract which stated that if he got injured doing another sport then his contract would be null and void.

Despite these restrictions, Garrison still managed to continue participating in rodeos during his off-seasons.

Unfortunately, Garrison’s career came to an end when he suffered an injury while steer wrestling back in 1975.

All things considering though, Garrison had quite an amazing run – 39 touchdowns during his time at The Cowboys and being selected for Pro Bowler during 1972 season are only some of many achievements which will live forever within Cowboy fans’ hearts.

Garrison left behind quite a legacy – both on and off of the field – for future generations to look up to and learn from. His story is certainly one worth remembering.

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