15 People Electrocuted to Death From Transformer Explosion

flight attendant
flight attendant

The tragedy that occurred near a sewage treatment plant in northern India on Wednesday, July 19 is heartbreaking.

Sadly, fifteen people including six police officers were electrocuted due to an explosion of a transformer, with several more injured and sent to hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred on the banks of the Alaknanda river.

Cause of the Catastrophe Still Unknown

The cause of this horrific accident remains unknown, prompting the state’s chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami to order an investigation into the incident.

This has come at a time when water levels have been rising due to record monsoon rains, leading to devastating floods that have killed over one hundred people in northern India over the past three weeks alone.

Adding further misery is the fact that these floods have also caused damage to homes, monuments and other infrastructure which will take time and resources to repair.

Eleven People Electrocuted During Hindu Festival Procession in Southern India

This isn’t even the first time this year that such an incident has occurred.

In April, eleven people were electrocuted when their truck touched an overhead power line during a Hindu festival procession in southern India.

The loss of life here is simply tragic and it serves as yet another reminder of how important it is for us all to be vigilant about safety measures – especially those involving electricity-related hazards.

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