Iran Proxies Attack US Embassy in Baghdad as Biden Goes Limp

Iran proxies

In case you missed this or the MSM did not send you the memo

Everyone knows that Iran is really behind the rocket attacks on Baghdad. That’s why Joe Biden isn’t going to respond to them. It only caused minor damage so Joe’s handler’s are shrugging it off.

Mortar attack on Baghdad

According to officials, a “rocket attack caused minor damage to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.” The “multi-mortar attack” struck the embassy “Thursday night local time.

There were “no casualties and no damage to infrastructure.” Officials confirmed “the attack was launched at American forces and allies in the vicinity.

While no particular group is claiming responsibility, “early indications point to Iran-aligned militias.” They’re still laughing at the way Joe Biden freed up $6 billion in frozen assets to fund the mortar attack on Baghdad.

All the State Department spokesunit can say is “we again call on the government of Iraq, as we have done on many occasions, to do all in its power to protect diplomatic and Coalition partner personnel and facilities.

If the host country won’t protect our embassy in Baghdad, we may need to do it ourselves. “We reiterate that we reserve the right to self-defense and to protect our personnel anywhere in the world.

Without specifically saying they were behind it, “the Islamic Resistance in Iraq issued statements on Friday claiming responsibility for separate attacks in Iraq on U.S. forces.


Some hit the compound

According to an Iraqi security official, “14 rockets were fired at the embassy, with some hitting the compound.” Luckily, there was “material damage but no casualties.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani issued a public statement noting that “targeting diplomatic missions” like the U.S. embassy “cannot be justified.” They might have blown away Baghdad civilians in the process.

Not only that, al-Sudani declares, “the attack was an insult to Iraq’s stability and security.” They’re ticked and promise to “pursue the perpetrators.

This happens to be the “first confirmed strike on the facility since the start of the Israel-Hamas war.” The embassy in Baghdad has always been a prime target for the goat humpers, ever since the days of Saddam Hussein.

While Baghdad escaped attack until now, since the October 7 terror attack on Israel, “Iran-backed militias have claimed responsibility for dozens of attacks aimed at U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria.

In just the past few weeks, there have been 78 attacks against U.S. facilities, “37 in Iraq and 41 in Syria.” Located in the heart of “Emerald City,” the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is “located in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Iraq’s capital that houses government buildings and embassies.

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