Bloomberg Slapped with Earth Shattering Allegation After Former Employee Breaks Silence

Bloomberg is in real trouble now!
Michael Bloomberg
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Oh boy, it is all starting to come to the surface now and America is not getting a very pretty picture of Michael Bloomberg.

A former female employee has filed a lawsuit against Bloomberg claiming a “hostile and discriminatory work environment.”

Big Problems for Bloomberg

The suit that Bloomberg is facing is not going to do his campaign any favors, either. 

It touches upon several areas where Bloomberg has been hit and will definitely hurt him with women, especially women over the age of 40.

The suit was filed by Laurie Evans, who was the Director of Custom Content for Bloomberg L.P.’s Business Week department.

As part of her separation from the company, she had to sign a separation agreement.

Now, though, she is insisting the company had lied to her all along.

The court document states, “In 2019, she discovered that this representation was false and that in fact she had been replaced by a younger worker.”

Evans claims she was forced to fire several women, all of whom were over the age of 40.

The women, however, were never replaced, adding more stress to her as a department head to carry the workload.

Between 2015 and 2016, she stated that roughly 30 women were fired, all over the age of 40.

Additionally, she stated towards the end of her career at Bloomberg, she and other women over 40 were being alienated from meetings.

In 2016, a close friend of hers was fired, which led to Evans having a panic attack and went to her doctor.

She was diagnosed with having a nervous breakdown and her doctor sent her to the emergency room.

As everything played out and Evans considered taking days off to recover, she was eventually told that her department had been eliminated and she was being terminated.

That, however, is not true, according to Evans, and she was actually replaced by a younger woman and the division remained intact.

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign has not yet responded to the allegations.

The full details of the lawsuit were first reported on Business Insider.

  1. This guy actually makes Trump look warm and fuzzy by comparison. For all his crassness, Trump does have a warm and empathetic side to his personality. Bloomberg is all ice. His direction to a female employee, who announced she was pregnant to “kill it” says all anyone needs to know about him

  2. The reason for the separation from Company contract clause is because there must be some truth to this !

  3. Mini Mike is on record saying that people who are ninety five should not be eligible for medical treatment to extend their lives. It sounds like the ninety five year plateau is negotiable for Mikey. It seems under some conditions his preference falls somewhere closer to forty. If you are going to shit can employees at the age of forty what is the point of keeping them alive-if you can save a lot of money by withholding healthcare from ninety five year old people, imagine how much you could save if you cut them off at forty. The conceit of the elite on full display when it comes to Mini Mike-why would anyone even consider him for any office, because he has no respect for any other human.

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