Hillary Stuns Bloomberg with Message

Bloomberg is NOT going to like this one bit.
Hillary Clinton
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A Michael Bloomberg publicity stunt has backfired massively.


Last week,  Bloomberg announced he would strongly consider having Hillary as his running mate, only he forgot to tell Hillary.

When the former Secretary of State was asked about joining Blomberg’s ticket, she stated, “Oh, no!”

Sorry Mike

Bloomberg is a cancer for the Democrat party, only nobody wants to admit it.

Anyone attaching themselves to that man’s ticket is advocating open racism, among other things.

Democrats have hammered Trump as being racist for years, even though there is not a shred of evidence to prove it.

Bloomberg, however, has blatantly racist interviews all coming to light from his days as the mayor of New York City and beyond.

His policies can be defended but his words cannot.

When you say things like more blacks and less whites should be stopped and accuse minorities of not knowing how to conduct themselves in the workplace, well, it is just a bit hard to defend.

Hillary has enough problems on her plate, so she does not seem willing to add supporting Bloomberg to that pile.

When specifically asked about being his vice president, she stated, “Oh no! I’m just waiting and watching as this plays out.

“I will support whoever the nominee is.”

Let’s Put This To Rest

With the entire Democrat field struggling against Trump in polling, we are once against seeing rumors about Hillary jumping in at the last second.

To be clear, that will NOT happen at this point.

She could run in a general election as an independent, but that would hurt whatever Democrat comes out the fray.

In terms of winning the Democrat nomination, virtually every deadline has passed to file for candidacy, so she simply is no longer eligible to run in the primary.

And, now that we know she is not interested in being VP, we can finally put all the talk about having to worry about her being in the Oval Office only a step away from the presidency to rest because is it NOT happening.

  1. Bloomberg says he wants Hillary as his running mate, Hillary says, “No way”. As was so eloquently voiced by Garth Brooks, “Thank God for unanswered prayers”. If Bloomberg had Hillary as his vice president, within a couple of months Bloomberg would commit suicide and Hillary would be president (just add his name to the list). Don’t ever get between Hillary and something she wants.

  2. And of course we all know we can trust HRC 100%.
    She will do whatever she feels is in her best interests, regardless of the price.
    Sorry Pary I just couldn’t type “irregardless”..

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