Escaped Sex Slave Reported Gruesome Murders


Missouri police are actively investigating claims made by an escaped sex slave, who insists that her captor murdered two of her friends. “We are taking this accusation of two more women victims seriously,” Excelsior Springs Police assure.

He killed my friends

On October 7 an unnamed 22-year-old woman managed to escape a twisted pervert who held her captive for a month, raping her repeatedly the whole time. She also told police that Timothy Haslett Jr. “killed two of her friends.

The 39-year-old deviant had a personal torture dungeon in his basement so authorities believe her. They confirmed to the press that they are on the job. “We are taking this accusation of two more women victims seriously and are actively investigating it.

The escaped victim managed to get out of her bonds and flee the house when her captor “left to take his child to school.” She was in bad shape but a whole lot better than the condition her friends are in.

She sprinted barefoot down the street to the home of a neighbor, Lisa Johnson, around 7:45 a.m. Friday morning wearing latex lingerie, a metal dog collar with a padlock around her neck and appearing malnourished,” police report. She was barely able to utter a soft “help me.

She was wearing a very, very short black latex dress, which appeared opened up in places, you could plainly see what she had been through,” Johnson relates. Her friends weren’t so lucky. Police explain that she had “been held hostage in Haslett’s basement since early September and she was clearly dehydrated and very malnourished.

Police later learned she had been picked up in Kansas City and since then “held hostage in a small room he had built in his basement — where she was restrained in handcuffs around her wrists and ankles.

Don’t call the cops

As soon as Ms. Johnson told the young victim that she was calling the cops, the girl went into panic, “saying that if she called the cops, Haslett would kill her.” She was terrified of ending up like her friends so ran off again. “The woman then went to the home of another neighbor, Cira Tharp.

Tharp’s Grandmother was watching her young son “when the girl suddenly slammed on their front door, screaming for help.” Haslett “raped her repeatedly and frequently in the tiny basement room. He also beat her with a whip,” she said. Police corroborated that “by injuries found on her back.

You’ve got to help me, I’ve been held captive, I’ve been raped, you’ve got to help me, he’s going to end up killing me.” The dog collar was so tight she could hardly talk. She didn’t mention her friends yet.

My grandma brought her in, wrapped a blanket around her and went and got her some food and water. She was pretty hungry. And my grandma sat with her and held her until the police came.

After grandma got her calmed down, the victim told her, “my friends didn’t make it, he killed my friends.” She wasn’t exactly coherent at the time but it sounded like her friends were only two of many more possible victims.

She actually said the guy killed more than just two. She said it was her friends, but she wasn’t clear if something happened to them up there at the house or wherever he got her from or elsewhere.

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