Tortured Sex Slave Escapes From Chino Hills


Chino Hills residents had no idea that their neighbor, 59-year-old Peter Anthony McGuire, was raping and torturing a 22-year-old woman he kidnapped earlier this year, as his personal sex slave. He “kept a very low profile.

Sex slave escaped

The unidentified female victim recently managed to escape from a Chino Hills home, where she had been imprisoned as a sex slave for months.

The owner of the house has been arrested and he’ll get a taste of his own medicine. He’s facing multiple felony charges, “including disfigurement.” His new cellmate will be thrilled to hear that one.

Surveillance video was just released by the San Bernardino County Sheriff showing them serving a search warrant last week at the home. According to neighbor Jerry Napoli, the suspect kept to himself. “I’ve lived here 24 years. I’ve seen him only once or twice and it’s always in the evening.

He had no idea a woman was in the house, much less one being held captive as a sex slave. She moved in and wasn’t allowed to leave.

As related by detectives on the case, “McGuire held her captive for months until last Thursday when she escaped. She managed to get out of the house while he was there.

He was smart enough not to stick around when he noticed his slave was missing. He wasn’t quick enough to outsmart the law, though. San Bernardino County Sheriff Mara Rodriguez confirmed, “he did leave the scene” before deputies got there to check out the woman’s story.

Barricaded himself inside

As soon as she gave her captor the slip, the former sex slave “made her way to nearby Alterra Park where she screamed for help and good Samaritans came to her rescue.

Rodriguez informs that “they were able to basically take her away from the area where she had come to the park and called 911, and stayed with her until deputies and paramedics could get there.

Hours later, police had managed to track McGuire to another home he owns in Placentia. That’s where, according to investigators, “he barricaded himself inside.” He will soon be the sex slave plaything of at least one hardened criminal after being taken into custody Saturday morning, June 11.

He also faces a special allegation of great bodily injury for disfigurement.” Prison karma can be fatal, or worse.

The woman kept as a slave “suffered some severe trauma, a lot of physical injuries, and she is still hospitalized and being treated for those injuries” Sheriff Rodriguez points out.

It turns out that “McGuire is a private investigator who owns a company called Hollywood Off Duty Protection and Investigations.” He pleaded the standard not guilty and will be held without bail until he goes back to court on Thursday.

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