Georgia Election Officials Targeted With Fentanyl Laced Poison Letters


It’s still not certain if the letters were laced with fentanyl or Sweet and Low but “federal law enforcement officials are investigating reports of suspicious letters sent to election offices” in Georgia. No matter what the white crystalline powder was, they’re taking it deadly serious.

Letters laced with fentanyl

They’re pretty sure it isn’t anthrax but the FBI isn’t ruling out fentanyl which is even more deadly and a whole lot easier to come by.

Artificial sweeteners are even easier to come by than that, look terrifying when sprinkled on a nasty letter and don’t poison the disgruntled anarchist who sent them, while still getting the desperate point across that next time they might not be so lucky.

According to a spokesunit with the Just Us Department, “we are aware of the reports and the FBI and U.S. Postal Inspection Service are investigating this matter.

He didn’t mention the fentanyl scare until a CNN reporter grilled him about it, then clammed up. “The official said the DOJ would not comment further.

In Georgia, they aren’t afraid to talk about what happened. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger issued a statement on Thursday, November 9. He noted that Fulton County, Georgia “includes large swaths of Atlanta.

That’s been a hot spot for anarchists and fentanyl both, all year. Which is probably why the county “had been among the election offices in multiple states targeted with suspicious letters.

Others may be targeted

Officials in Georgia confirmed that “the letter received by Fulton County was suspected to contain fentanyl.” They aren’t mentioning it could be Stevia because that doesn’t distract enough attention from Joe Biden’s little problems.

We’re working with our state and federal partners to determine if any additional Georgia officials are being targeted,” Raffensperger explained. “Domestic terrorists will not trample on our right to free and fair elections.” Only Democrats can do that.

Georgia wasn’t the only state involved. It was separately reported that “election offices across multiple counties in Washington state had received envelopes on Wednesday that contained powdery substances.” Washington state is another hot bed of anarchists and fentanyl.

They practically decriminalized crime there so trying to kill election officials is probably legal. If there does happen to be a statute on the books against it, trying to find cops to make an arrest then getting the prosecutor to prosecute are entirely different challenges.

In Georgia, where they’re still siding with the training of law enforcement over the guerrilla tactics of out-of-state anarchist rabble rousers, Raffensperger “called on elected officials and political candidates to condemn the activity.

Some people, he reminds, “like to call fentanyl a drug, but it’s actually poison. It’ll kill you. very quickly and very easily. It’s very dangerous.” Then again, allegedly so is Sweet-and-Low, just slower. So, it really doesn’t matter what powder was in the envelopes.

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