ICE Has a Rude Awakening for International Students


More than a million international students dreaming of an American education are in for a rude awakening from the Covid-19 nightmare. ICE says they can study online from their home country just as easy. That’s a huge dose of karma for China, because they supply the biggest chunk of the international pupils.

International students are big business

Before the entire planet was infected with the Kung Flu, the 2018-2019 school year set records for the numbers of overseas scholars in the U.S.” The money gets injected straight into the economy because “the vast majority of funding” comes from overseas. According to CNN, “international students are big business for American universities.”

Now, they can pay their fees and stay home to study. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency declared on Monday that “International students in the United States could be made to leave the country if their universities decide to only offer online courses.” Elites like Harvard and Princeton, have already declared that at least a part of their instruction will take place online. The surge in cases following the BLM riots isn’t helping.

Experts believe that the decision could affect around “one million international students.” Most of them come from Asia, and most of those come from China.

The ‘Chinese Air Force’

It isn’t clear what’s going to happen to the “Chinese Air Force.” That’s what locals in the desert near Phoenix, Arizona, liked to call the FBI spy planes circling the desert like vultures for the past five years. The planes were manned by predominantly Chinese students but loaded with the latest in cell phone and video surveillance gear, possibly even more.


Aviation academies including Aeroguard Flight School were given an exception and declared “essential services” so that the FBI could continue to use their students as cover for their constant spy flights. When AOC and her cronies found out that the Federal Bureau of Instigation was flying over Black Lives Matter riots, they ordered the Department of Justice to stop it immediately. The Democrats called it “a deep and profound breach of Americans’ rights.”

In a totally shocking move, the FBI’s alleged director, Christopher Wray, folded up like a cheap card table and grounded the spy planes. Now that all the Chinese students have no spy missions to fly, they can actually train to be pilots, since it isn’t likely that flying is a skill that can be learned over the internet.

  1. The way I see it is the students have two choices …1) abide by the ruling of ICE and if sent home , work from home…2) drop out of school and be sent home for not being a student …the choices are not great/fair….but then life isn’t always fair.

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