REPORT: Trump’s ‘Secret Weapon’ Revealed!


As former President Donald Trump faces his third criminal indictment in three months, Melania Trump has served as a source of comfort and stability.

Sources close to the power couple say that she has been keeping her husband “calm and focused” amid this “hellish” period – providing him an oasis amidst the storm.

She is, one person said, his “secret weapon” for surviving the onslaught.

Sources close to President Trump have affirmed that Melania has been far more effective at keeping him calm and composed than his regular golf games.

Despite the constant legal assaults which are undoubtedly affecting his day-to-day life, Melania provides a tranquil environment for him when he needs it.

As part of their daily routine, the former first lady insists on breakfast with both her and their young son Barron where phones are not allowed at the table.

She also schedules time with her husband to watch television together sans all cable news programs.

Furthermore, friends say that she has stepped up to fill in what Ivanka and Jared Kushner once did – becoming an intimate sounding board for her husband during this challenging period.

Despite being under criminal investigation in three separate matters, with more possibly on their way, President Trump’s support among GOP voters remains high as he seeks re-election next year for president of the United States.

His closest opponent Governor Ron DeSantis suffered from a botched rollout thus losing ground against competitors like businessman Vivek Ramaswamy who gained popularity due to DeSantis’ gaffes.

As for now, President Trump has until 5 pm Monday to respond to special counsel Jack Smith’s request for protective order in Smith’s indictment against him over alleged criminal efforts related to overturning 2020 presidential election results.

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