A SICKENING Video Has Been Released… They Cut Off His…

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A horrifying video surfaced that was later confirmed by Ukrainian officials.

The video, which is currently no longer available online, shows the brutal torture of a Ukrainian POW that was brutally tortured by Russian troops.

It is yet more proof that NATO needs to step in and do something more than provide just lip service.


In the video, the POW is bound and gagged, then castrated.

Ukraine Watch reported, “After the torture, he was shot dead and his body dragged through the streets on a rope.”

The troops that tortured the soldier were reportedly under the command of Vitaly Aroshanov.

Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun stated, “Russia has to pay for it. … The world can’t pretend like this isn’t happening.”

She also unloaded on Twitter for removing the video because of its brutality.

She stated, “But this is what happens.

“And deleting the video won’t change that.

“People should know what #Russia is doing!”

Paul Massaro, a senior policy adviser for the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, tweeted…

John Spencer, the US Army veteran who chairs the Washington, DC-based Urban Warfare Studies, added, “I just watched the video showing Russian soldiers cutting off the genitalia of Ukrainian POWs.

“How do you unsee that?

“WTF are we waiting on to halt this evil?”

I have been asking that very question for months.

Source: New York Post

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