Alert: Top Ranking Democrats Practicing ‘War Games’ Including Secession From The Union

Democrats appear to be in the planning stage to start Armageddon and they’re getting ready for battle as soon as President Donald Trump wins reelection. John Podesta recently played the role of Joe Biden in “war games” based around a contested election. Secession of the west coast from the union was one of the things big-wig Democrats took a hard look at, to spark Helter Skelter. They’re up to their old tricks and deadly serious about it too.


Democrats preparing for a civil war

Democrat ex-officials formed a group, called the Transition Integrity Project, who crowded into Joe Biden’s basement like they were playing Dungeons and Dragons. They were there to brainstorm what they should do when Donald Trump wins the election. The conclusion is that their best bet is to start a civil war, so expect the anarchy in the streets to continue unabated and even escalate through November.

This year’s presidential election is gearing up to be “a nightmare,” warns a former police chief who frequently contributes to Law Enforcement Today. The great thing about our republic is that we generally walk away from election nights knowing who the winner is. Today, we’re faced with mail-in voting and the uncertainty of potential fraud. It could take a while for the smoke to clear, literally “weeks, if not months before the actual presidential winner is determined.” That could also be dangerously used as a trigger to start a civil war.

In California’s 2018 mid-terms, “seven congressional seats flipped weeks after the election due to mail-in balloting.” If that happened at the national level it would be a nightmare approaching a constitutional crisis. As originally reported by Ben Smith of the New York Times, Democrats are holding “war game” exercises to explore various scenarios “for post-election America.” According to Smith, “under this particular set of circumstances, California, Washington and Oregon would threaten to secede from the United States if President Trump took office as he would legally be entitled to do.”

Liberals consider ‘drastic’ possibilities

Democrats are modeling potential election outcomes, hoping to social-engineer the final result. It shows they’re desperate enough to consider drastic possibilities like “one where the west coast secedes from the union and possible civil war.” Enough right wingers are ready to let the left-coast go and start passing out the ammunition that they’re chomping at the bit. It’s time to boogaloo and if Democrats get cute they’ll bring it on. In their “tabletop” fantasies, John Podesta, who was an official under Bill Clinton and the former chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, played Joe Biden. He refused to concede the election.

This would happen, “after a lengthy manual counting of votes in a state such as Pennsylvania.” In their war scenario, “Podesta (Biden) would persuade the governors of two states, in this case Michigan and Wisconsin to send pro-Biden electors to vote in the Electoral College.” The House “would name Biden president, while the Senate and White House would follow the law and the constitution and President Trump would take his rightful place as president.” The final outcome would be up to the military.

In his article, Smith explored “what the expansion of mail-in balloting might have on the results.” Their textbook Cloward-Piven strategy is to create “as much havoc as possible.” In other words, “strive at all times to bend, fold, spindle, and mutilate.” That’s exactly why progressives demand nationwide mail-in voting. A “scenario,” liberals scheme, where the office of the president “isn’t decided for months, especially on top of the pandemic and widespread social disorder,” gives them a ray of hope for the future and explains “their hands off approach to the riots that are overwhelming our cities.” Democrats want a civil war.

  1. Oh PLEASE GOD…Please, please, please let the West Coast states secede from the union…please….The entire country would back their proposal. Once the articles of secession are signed construction will immediately begin on a 15 foot steel wall topped with concertina wire from the Mexican border to the Canadian. There will be NO EXITS. The mind numbed morn fools populating those 3 states are on their own. No military, federal police or agencies, NO National Guard, and NO, absolutely NO Foreign Aid. I can’t wait….

  2. These Democrat states that want to leave the nation will starve without the tax payers in the rest of the nation. And you will get a real lesson in how Socialism (doesnt) work when the homeless, BlM, and Antifa clowns refuse to work and the stores have been looted until there is nothing left ! The rest of he nation will just build another section of he wall to keep all of you out. And this time without the douche bag state officials you have we will be able to shoot you if you come into our states with out permission we dont need your silly antics

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