Barr Steps Up with BIGLY Announcement

William Barr
Photo Courtesy of The White House via Creative Commons License

There isn’t a soul alive who would disagree that this administration, more so than any recent administration, is pro-law enforcement.

That attitude goes from top to bottom, with Attorney General William Barr recently making a statement to affirm just that.

Standing Up for Our Police

The assault against our local police officers started the second Donald Trump took office.

Police are insulted, have debris thrown at them, and are just blatantly attacked.

One of the more disturbing trends we have seen was liberals purposely speeding to lure in a police officer so they could kill the officer.

During the International Association of Chiefs of Police event this week, Barr set the record straight on how he feels about law enforcement and these attacks.

He stated, “Being a police officer is more difficult than it’s ever been before.

“One reason is the emergence of a deeply troubling attitude towards police in some parts of our society.

“Far from respecting the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us, it is becoming common in some quarters to scapegoat the police … and disparage the vital role played by law enforcement in our society.”

They Can’t Deny the Facts

Liberals and Democrats can try to say their constant verbal assaults against law enforcement are not to blame, but the numbers tell a different story.

Assaults against officers are up by 20 percent.

In 2018, 106 police officers died in the line of duty.

Of those deaths, 11 were killed in ambushes.

This is happening because elected officials are portraying officers as murders and racist, evoking outrage in minority communities.

I am not saying every officer is a good egg, but I would be willing to bet that 99.9 percent of them are.

Wrongful arrests and brutality charges make up a very small percentage of all the arrests and interactions that take place in this country every year, so this is clearly NOT a systemic issue.

We need to get back to respecting our officers, not lumping them in with the criminals, but that probably will not happen anytime soon with Democrats continuing to put the interests of illegal aliens and criminals above that of our law-abiding citizens and residents.


  1. “There isn’t a soul alive who would disagree that this administration, more so than any recent administration, is pro-law enforcement.”
    I’m that soul and I disagree.
    If President Trump and his admistration is so “pro-law enforcement”, why didn’t he immdeiately after getting elected have Obama arrested and charged for the THIRTY-SIX acts of TREASON he committed while in office, or file criminal charges against Hillary Clinto for treason. espionage, and the many acts of murder she was responsible for??????

    • I agree with that statement but evidence has to be presented ya know? Soros and Bloomberg and their families should be at GITMO with Obama Killery and the rest of the traitors ya know?

    • Those types of actions actually might have been the actions taken by a Leftist winner in 2016. Trump on the other hand wasn’t ‘in it’ for retribution, he is in it for enacting policy. If the ‘Deep State’ had simply bided their time, 8 years, normal course of events would likely be a switch in Majority control. Instead the Deep State attacked, the system is slow, these current DOJ pushbacks are entirely because the Deep State didn’t simply wait to be in control again.
      Additionally, the President doesn’t bring charges, the DOJ would and it would be acting just like a Leftist to weaponize Agencies. Horse cart, cart horse. Trump is following the law, not circumventing it, not creating it.

    • Can you or anyone else prove what you said. Every piece of evidence against these so called politicians, just no long can be found. When you have a whole political party hiding things to protected your quilt it hard to prove who did what. Trump is not to blame for these people freedom, the democrats are.

  2. Now I did not see BAR actually explaining why violence of all kinds has risen under the Trump Administration more than it has under any other administration , before or after the Symbionese Liberation Army operation. It does seem like in the Trump Administration Trump pushes violence, saying that someone should be punched in the face, and telling security to drag the bum out of here, also saying Police should be rougher with persons arrested. We should not forget the White Nationalist movement who were good people. Now name me one other President in modern times who has had such talking about in the same way.


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