Biden National Intelligence Confirmation Suddenly HALTED


The confirmation for one of Biden’s National Intelligence chief has been suddenly put off. 


National Intelligence Confirmation on Hold

If Joe Biden does in fact weasel his way into the White House, one of his main cabinet positions has been abruptly delayed. This information came from Thursday from one of the top members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Avril Haines was a top national security employee for Barack Obama during his administrations. Now Biden has announced that Haines will be his director of national intelligence.

The hearing to confirm her to this position was scheduled on Friday to be a virtual event but was postponed.

NBC Reports Details

NBC News reports:

A Republican Senate aide told NBC News that there is no rescheduled date yet for the postponed hearing, but the delay occurred in part because members wanted to be able to attend in person. The aide said they do not expect this to “significantly delay the confirmation process.” Another aide said the Senate hopes to hold the hearing on Tuesday.

Having served under Obama as a national security lawyer and deputy CIA director, Haines, 51, has been playing a key national security role in the Biden transition. She will become the first woman in the DNI job, which was created after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to better coordinate the sprawling American intelligence bureaucracy.

Senators Have Good Faith

Senator Marco Rubio has shown himself to be a RINO and is the acting chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He gave a joint statement on Thursday with Democrat Mark Warner saying they have “good faith” to have a future confirmation hearing.

“Despite the unusual circumstances on Capitol Hill, the committee is working in good faith to move this nominee as fast as possible and ensure the committee’s members have an opportunity to question the nominee in both open and closed settings,” the lawmakers said.

“The Director of National Intelligence plays a crucial role in overseeing the 18 agencies that make up our nation’s Intelligence Community, and the committee looks forward to holding a hearing next week with Ms. Haines.”

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