Brave American Cowboys Traveling to Israel to Counter Hamas


Following the initial attack by terror group Hamas on Israel, tensions have continued to escalate with seemingly no end in sight for the war. Now, 15 young American cowboys have rose to the occasion, traveling to Israel as part of a Christian Zionist project.

Led by the Hayovel volunteer organization, these strong-willed cowboys brought with them roughly $2 million for security assistance and general aid. The goal is to raise $29 million that will be used to help Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (also known as West Bank) find peace after suffering through terror attacks at the hands of Hamas.

The Hayovel director of operations Joshua Waller explained why they chose cowboys for this mission: “You have around 500,000 Jewish people scattered among 200 different communities [in the West Bank] living next to two- to three-million Palestinians, and there are no security fences between them and us.”

He went on to say that because of their “farming-can-do” attitudes, he knew these would be the right guys for helping out during such a difficult time.

The cowboys were joined by Aviva Klompas who shared a video featuring some of the volunteers talking about their mission. Johnny Plocher said it best: “We’re just here to serve Israel any way we can during the hard time here in the struggle against Hamas.”

Charles Hutsler added that he felt divine protection while in Israel despite the war raging around them.

Cowboys participating in what is being called “farm watch” duty assist Jewish communities throughout Judea and Samaria by staying up late at night keeping an eye out for potential thieves or terrorists. They also help fill worker shortages due to massive mobilization efforts from Israeli reserves fighting Hamas according to Ynet news source.

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