The Really Weird Harris Press Conference Situation that Took Place South of the Border


The palace propaganda crew following Kamala Harris south for her long awaited pilgrimage to the border, (the one with Mexico, this time,) engineered a little “false-flag photo op” which blew up in their faces. They “mystery woman” falsely identified as a “reporter for Univision” had what the spin doctors diagnosed as just the prescription Kamala needed. It turned out that she should have stuck with the medicinal marijuana. It would have been safer.


Harris over the edge

Vice-Empress Kamala Harris didn’t just go south, she went totally over the edge. After months of avoiding the border with Mexico, she made a stop to have have a chat with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico City. While the reporters were getting set up, the palace staff went around asking the crowd if anyone had any questions for Kamala.

When they heard the question of one visitor, the propaganda people grinned in delight, knowing it was the ultimate in sound-bites. When they got the name of the woman who asked it, the grin twisted evilly as the glimmer of an idea burst forth into light. Have Kamala introduce her as the reporter from Univision, they schemed. They never realized anyone would notice what they were slyly up to.

Maria Fernanda Reyes never worked for Univision. She’s just “a naturalized U.S. citizen and got to vote for Harris in the last election.” She lives near San Francisco and works with destitute farmers. She was in Mexico City “assisting Mayan farmers and working with the country’s poor to help them navigate COVID-19.” Her co-workers dragged her to the press conference.

She says that she was invited to the big event “through connections she has through her work.” She didn’t think anything about it when “like everyone else who was there,” she was asked if she would be interested in asking a question.” She was “surprised by how quickly her question blew up” but she “wished the substance of her question got more attention than the mistake.” It wasn’t a mistake.

“Everyone’s trying to twist it for their own agenda,” Reyes said, and she’s totally right. She’s apparently in love with Kamala Harris. When introduced by Kamala herself as “Maria Fernanda of Univision,” Maria hardly noticed.

She just went on to nervously ask her pre-approved question, from carefully out of the video shot. “I voted for you. My question is, what would you say to these women, those mothers and also women of color on both sides of the border, farmers, many of them who I see every day as a message of hope but also as–what will you do for them in the next coming years?” Kamala practically started purring in pleasure.

A reporter for who?

It didn’t take long for the media to do some fact checking and uncover a scandal. Maria Fernanda Reyes, they report, is not a reporter for Univision as Kamala Harris declared. Spanish language network Univision confirmed it. They have a Maria Fernanda, but theirs is Maria Fernanda Lopez.

She’s based in Miami and was nowhere near the Vice-Empress. “My name is Maria Fernanda LOPEZ, I have never traveled in my life to Mexico. I was in Miami during the incident where a lady named Maria Fernanda REYES was presented by mistake as a Univision reporter, which is incorrect.”

The deputy propaganda secretary to Kamala, Sabrina Singh, didn’t actually respond to requests for comment. Instead she sent a link “to a tweet from Symone D. Sanders, Harris’ chief spokesperson, saying the office is looking into the matter.”

The woman who got to ask the question under false billing is “the founder of AdoptaHero,” which has “ties to Stanford University’s Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative.”

For her part, she’s simply thrilled with the experience of interacting with Kamala Harris. She says she “is not overly interested in politics but wants to see conditions improve in the countries in the region.” That’s a good goal for anyone. “I don’t care. I asked a question,” she said.

“If people don’t like it, fine.” she adds. It isn’t that people don’t like her question. People don’t like the sneaky way that propaganda crews spin the facts into convenient fiction on demand. This time, they got caught with the wires hanging out.

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