Breaking News: Residents ordered to Shelter in Place as Heavy Police Presence Emerges


Police are urging residents of Lincoln, Montana to shelter in place but they aren’t saying why. Local officials have not provided any details so there isn’t a lot known about the severity of the situation or it’s nature at this time.


Police say ‘remain indoors’

UPDATE 3: Just before noon local time Tuesday, the Lewis & Clark County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that “the standoff with a person west of Lincoln has been resolved. The person is in custody, and the area is safe.” The person’s identity has not yet been released, “nor have any details about what sparked the incident.” Highway 200 “is now open.” The Sheriff thanked “everyone for their patience and support.”

UPDATE 2: Per the latest information from the Sheriff’s department, the stretch of Highway 200 west of Lincoln towards Missoula “was closed as of 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday.” An armed man reportedly has barricaded himself in a residence.

Undersheriff Brent Colbert told KGVO News “Right now it’s an ongoing situation. There is one person in the house, and the incident started at about 5:30 this morning, and it has turned into a situation where the man has barricaded himself in his home, and we’re trying to negotiate with this person right now.” As explained by Colbert, “it began after a call to the sheriff’s office ‘for some information’ and it grew from there.” The armed man is believed to be “alone in the residence and sheriff’s deputies are negotiating with him.”

UPDATE: The Sheriff’s Office says “that they are dealing with a barricaded person west of Lincoln. Highway 200 remains closed west of Lincoln between mile markers 66 and 67.” Stay tuned for more details.

The Lewis & Clark County Sheriff’s Office “is asking some Lincoln residents to remain indoors due to a threat.” Police officials aren’t saying what that threat is though. Local news outlets are all reporting the same thing. “Residents near the 6300 block of Montana Highway 200 in Lincoln are being asked to shelter in place due to ongoing law enforcement operations.”

The advice from police is “Stay indoors and refrain from exiting your home until the sheriff has determined the situation is safe to do so,” That went out in a Facebook post from the Sheriff at 8:35 a.m. on Tuesday.

Police advise that “Montana Highway 200 has been closed to traffic between mile marker 66 and 67 due to a ‘known threat’ in the area, according to the agency.” They know the threat but aren’t telling the public a single thing about it. Whatever it is closed a full mile of highway.

As local outlets note, “we do not yet know the reason for the request, are working to find out, and will update you when we get more information.”

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