Canadians at Breaking Point as Leadership Turns to Full Blown COVID Communism

covid canada police state

The Canadian province of Ontario expanded and extended a stay at home order on Friday and said police will be given new powers to stop and question people who leave home as expert advisors warned that new cases of COVID-19 will continue to soar, overwhelming hospitals.

Canada turns into a Communist police state

Ontario also announced restrictions on non-essential travel from neighboring provinces starting Monday and said non-essential construction, including building projects at malls, hotels and office towers will shut down as of Saturday to deal with a raging third wave of COVID.

“The reality is there are few options left,” said Premier Doug Ford. “The difficult truth is, every public health measure we have left comes with a massive cost to people.”

New projections published by a provincial advisory group on Friday showed new cases rising above 10,000 per day in June if “moderate” public health measures remain in place for six weeks, and vaccination levels remain roughly flat. Ontario, home to 38% of Canada’s population, announced a record 4,812 cases on Friday.

Governments using COVID as a tool to control citizens

Adalsteinn Brown, co-chair of the advisory panel, said the moderate scenario was equivalent to a stay at home order announced last week. The number of patients in need of intensive care could reach 2,000 in May, up from 695 on Friday, the forecast showed.

The dire forecast came as Moderna (MRNA.O) said it would cut its next delivery to Canada by nearly half to 650,000 doses, and Canada announced a deal to buy 8 million more Pfizer vaccine doses.

In recent weeks Ontario has closed schools, restaurants, limited in-store shopping, and cancelled elective surgeries as a surge of admissions threatened to overwhelm hospitals.

Worship is now outlawed in Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Canadian government would help hard hit Toronto, the province’s capital and the country’s largest city.

“We’re going to do whatever it takes to help,” Trudeau told reporters. “Discussions are ongoing about extra healthcare providers, and we are ready to step up.”

Trudeau said Canada had agreed to purchase 8 million extra doses of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, including 4 million to be delivered in May, nearly doubling Pfizer’s shipments that month. Federal officials had previously said most Canadians should receive a first dose by the end of June.

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