Civilian Hero Risk’s Life to Save Struggling Cop

Cop in Trouble
Photo via Tomo News US YouTube Video Screenshot

As much flack as cops take today, it is good to know some people still think their own lives are worth putting on the line to help an officer in need.

That is exactly what Edward Williams did when he saw a police officer struggling to get a suspect under control.

Helping an Officer in Need

What would you do if you were driving by and saw an officer on the ground, clearly struggling, possibly seconds away from a criminal taking control and possibly killing the officer?

For Edward Williams, hearing the calls for help by the police officer made this a no-brainer.

In July 2015, while driving by and seeing an officer fighting with a suspect while trying to cuff him, Williams decided to get out of his car and do something about it.

The officer had lost control of his handcuffs and was trying to reach them while at the same time trying to control a suspect.

Williams, against the wishes of his ex-girlfriend who was in the car with him, got out of his vehicle, picked up the cuffs, and gave them to the officer…

Now, this may not seem like a very brave act to some, but to Officer Tensing, it meant everything.

One quick move either way and Tensing clearly could have lost control of the suspect, putting both of their lives in danger.

As you saw, though, Officer Tensing was able to cuff the suspect, with more help arriving soon thereafter.

Thank God Mr. Williams showed up when he did because this obviously could have had a far different outcome.

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