Days After Trump Signs Executive Order on Tech Giants, FB Does THIS


Only days after President Donald Trump signed an executive order aiming to curb the “unchecked power” of social media companies, Facebook decided to fuel the blaze of New World Order anarchy by spraying $10 million worth of gasoline on the fires of civil unrest.


Facebook gets even over executive order

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t happy with the executive order that President Donald Trump signed on Thursday, so he decided to get even. The president had enough of the social media networks and their “unchecked power to censor, restrict, edit, shape, hide, [and] alter, virtually any form of communication between private citizens and large public audiences.”

Aiming to counteract the way “a small handful of social media monopolies controls a vast portion of all public and private communications in the United States,” Trump decided to “reinterpret” a “critical 1996 law that shields websites and tech companies from lawsuits.”

To fight back, the social media giant announced they are donating $10 million “to groups fighting racial inequality.” What that really means is they are giving the money to groups staging a manufactured race war. Dirty tricks like nationwide riots and looting are a desperate progressive attempt to undermine President Trump’s authority enough to pry him out of the White House by November. “We stand with the black community,” the far-left leaning CEO posted late Sunday.

Third Precinct Police Station

Good little socialists

All the other progressive giants are doing their part like good little socialists. “Twitter, Nike, Netflix, Disney and other firms have also weighed in,” according to Zuckerberg. “I know that $10 million can’t fix this,” he admits, but it can finance a lot of civil unrest.

It was Twitter that dropped the final straw on President Trump by flagging one of his tweets. The president warned before issuing his executive order that “looting” would lead to “shooting” and the liberal social media company didn’t like it. It might discourage folks from burning down their pharmacy. Twitter decided to add the “#BlackLivesMatter” slogan to its official bio.” They also are encouraging “marginalized groups” and ordering the rest to “diversify your feed.” They don’t say what will happen if you don’t but conservative groups will soon find out.

Fitness company Peloton offered $500,000 to the NAACP’s legal defense fund to represent the looters. “Black lives matter,” their CEO John Foley wrote. “This week, what’s become clear to me is we must ensure this is an anti-racist organization.” Nike says take that gasoline and “Just Do It.” They put out a video proclaiming, “Don’t pretend there’s not a problem in America,” the message read. “Don’t turn your back on racism. Don’t accept innocent lives being taken from us. Don’t make any more excuses. Don’t think this doesn’t affect you. Don’t sit back and be silent.” Burn your local police department to the ground. Micky Mouse is likewise standing in solidarity with his black brethren as “Disney echoed that sentiment.” Their Chief Executive Officer promises “to ensure we are fostering a culture that acknowledges our people’s feelings and their pain.”

Levi’s is kicking in $100,000 to the ACLU for legal fees and Verizon is matching Zuckerberg with $10 million to a “variety of social justice organizations, including the National Urban League and the NAACP.”

Historic St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Not ‘agents of the law’

What happened is a totally bizarre and isolated incident where four men in police uniforms apparently intentionally murdered a black man in front of a crowd who was filming them. The only logical explanation is that those four criminals, who were not acting as agents of the law, purposely wanted to “frame” the entire police community from coast-to-coast with one undeniably racist incident. Everything points to an intentional attempt to start a race war.

Ever since, professional agitators and organizers have been passing out signs and inciting anger everywhere they go. The violent demonstrations, fires, and looting of local businesses have all been carefully staged for maximum effect and public relations impact. That’s why the president’s executive action was so important. What should only concern one local municipality has spread like infection to at least 40 American cities and has started to go world-wide. On Sunday night, protesters threatening the White House burned down a historic church, who’s bell had been cast by the son of Paul Revere. If this had been an honestly disputed case of excessive force use, it would have been handled entirely locally. The disproportional reaction proves that the whole thing was manufactured. Especially when nobody at all is trying to defend George Floyd’s assassins.

  1. Could this be about Trump is stepping on the NWO plans for Agenda 21 and stopping Adrenochrome supply. Clearly, they have lost the battle and this is just a temper tantrum. FF. Swamp is being drained as we speak. Where is Tom Hanks?

  2. Well these people are the ones that are Creating Racists Agenda they do not say for all People just Black Period and that is Racists to the Core and these people that are looting and breaking glasses and setting Fires should be banned from the Cities and the Store for EVER too let go out into the Country and raise their Stuff and Food and Clothes and Shoes Whatever the Store Supplies Period

  3. The reasoning being used to donate money to organizations to bail out lawbreakers is mystifying to me. Why would any organization or individual want to bail out people who loot and burn down businesses that have been providing services for others in the neighborhoods and communities? Some way the CEO’s of these donating companies have joined the peaceful protestors with those who break the law. Peaceful protestors and lawbreakers are not on the same agenda. I could see their donating monies to help peaceful protestors who were misidentified in a crowd but not to actually give money to bail out a felon.

  4. Zuckerberg might be rich but,he is an AZZHOLE and is not a true Patriot. If he hates america so much to want to destroy it. Just take youe $$$$ and go to another Country if they will have you.

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