De Niro’s Worst Nightmare Comes True… Former Assistant Breaks Silence

It’s all coming out now!
Robert De Niro
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Well, well, well, one of the loudest voices in liberal Hollywood is about to be exposed.


In a new lawsuit brought against Robert De Niro from a former worker, the legendary Hollywood star is being accused of, among other things, “vulgar, inappropriate, and gendered comments” as well as looking the other way when others abused his employee.

It’s All Coming Out Now

Sooner or later, you just knew De Niro’s closet would open up and some skeletons would fall out.

De Niro is typical of the Hollywood actor that believes his on-screen tough-guy persona is actually who he is in real life.

He has openly railed against Donald Trump and once threatened that he would punch Trump right in the mouth if given the opportunity.

He would later walk that back as a figure of speech, but he has continued to use virtually every award show and press conference for his businesses as a way to take a pot shot at Trump.

Now, Graham Chase Robinson is threatening to expose the real De Niro, and it is not a pretty picture.

The Suit

According to earlier reports, Robinson sent an email threatening to expose De Niro’s alleged ugly private persona.

De Niro then filed a lawsuit against Robinson, claiming she ran up his private credit cards and used to binge-watch “Friends” when she was supposed to be working.

Robinson then hit De Niro with a countersuit, claiming gender discrimination.

Her lawsuit claims that she as grossly underpaid by De Niro for a variety of reasons, including the allegation that De Niro would often make her perform demeaning tasks.

The lawsuit states, “De Niro would direct Ms. Robinson to scratch his back, button his shirts, fix his collars, tie his ties, and prod him awake when he was in bed.

“De Niro also stood idly by while his friend slapped Ms. Robinson on her buttocks.”

Robinson also claims De Niro would regularly use offensive language, using terms such as “brat,” “bit**,” and “c**t” when referring to Robinson or other female business associates.

This is a HUGE problem for De Niro and if the allegations made by Robinson are proven to be true, his career is O-V-E-R.

  1. De Niro is nothing but a street punk, He is the type of punk who acts big when he has a lot of his friends around him. Get him alone and he will run for the hills. I grew up with htese punks. Oh by the way I am not prejudice against Italians, I have been an Italian for 75 years.

  2. Career ending? Not quit! In this day and age it will only boost his street CREDS! Sad, but true.

    1. Actually, it’s an inferiority complex that he is trying to cover up with tough talk and acting superior.

  3. DeZero is a HollyTard who has no idea who he really is because he pretends constantly! What DeZero really needs is to be bashed up side his ignorant, foul mouthed head with a baseball bat. Nothing worse than a loud mouthed Punk with no testicles and DeZeros wife took his testicles when she divorced the filthy scumbag because of his horrible personal hygiene, apparently, DeZero never baths and thinks his filth is perfume. But, what do you expect from a communist HollyTard? Certainly no intelligence, thats for sure! KAG!


  5. Naw, his career ain’t over. Just like alcoholics and pedophiles where they need each other for support and he is “one of the boy’s”…

  6. DiNero is the punk boss he plays in his roles. Tough guy NO! , short guy with a complex ,YES! Punk ass YES!….

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