Democrats Have a New ‘Trump is Racist’ Narrative, and its Even More Ridiculous Than Before

They are out of their minds.
Donald Trump
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Donald Trump is and always has been a bit nostalgic when it comes to entertainment.


He loves the old school entertainers and he loves old school movies, which apparently is now a dog whistle and makes him a racist.

Old Movies = Racism

When “Parasite” won the best movie this year at the Oscars, it had more then a few people shaking their heads.

It was a movie from South Korea that most people have never even heard of, let alone seen.

The academy, however, seemed to be making a statement, as it usually does, with all its awards.

They even gave Joaquin Phoenix the best actor award for a bizarre and boring portrayal of the Joker.

That was a movie that started out slow and never seemed to pick up. In fact, the only decent scene in the entire movie was seeing Robert De Niro take a bullet to the head, but I digress.

Trump was addressing the Oscars during a recent rally, and he gave an accurate but harsh review of this year’s award winners, also stating that he wished Hollywood would get back to making original classics, like “Gone with the Wind” and “Sunset Boulevard.”

What you just heard is now being deemed racist by the liberal horde.

Dog Whistle

LA Times movie critic Justin Chang is now apparently an expert in dog whistles and racism.

Chang stated that he believed that Trump’s statement was yet another example of Trump’s racism.

He stated,  “It’s kind of unfortunate, I think, that we have a president whose entire presidency is founded on xenophobia and of course his comments are not surprising coming from someone who likes to dehumanize people of other cultures and people of color.

“So none of that’s surprising.

“Well, that whole thing, ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Sunset Boulevard,’ that all smacks of a dog whistle hearkening back to an earlier era of Hollywood greatness.

“Look, we can love ‘Gone with the Wind,’ and also acknowledge it’s the romantic view of the old South, which many people find problematic.

“That is another racist dog whistle as well.

“I think it’s real laziness on his part. He is just someone who is very lazy. I think to say that. You know, a lot of people say this, there are no movies being made in the present today that are as good as the classics that were made 50 or 60 years ago.

“And it’s totally fine that Trump is, you know, out of touch with popular culture.

“You know, he has or should have better things to do like running the country, but he really should think twice about speaking about things of which he is so woefully ignorant.”

Chang got all that from Trump saying he liked “Gone with the Wind.”

It really is amazing that the media looks to turn everything he says into a racist comment when perhaps the President just really likes old movies and maybe there is just a hint of truth that Hollywood these days does nothing more than turn out regurgitated garbage.

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