DOE To Investigate School Brainwashing with National Security Implications


Progressive educators went too far when they embraced the New World Order view of history and decided on a new brainwashing cycle for young Americans to install dangerously misleading mental programming. They also tried to shove the same program down the throats of adults who build nuclear bombs. The national security implications forced the administration to issue a major crack down against similar propaganda.

Brainwashing the kids first

One of the reasons that the globalist New World Order hates President Donald Trump so much is because he continues to fight the brainwashing of American children by waging war against the “un-American interpretations of history.” His Sunday morning tweet this week noted that the “US Department of Education would investigate whether California schools are using the New York Times’ ‘1619 Project’ in public school curriculum.” if so, they better knock it off now.

The progressive brainwashing “reframes American history around the date of August 1619, when the first slave ship arrived on America’s shores.” Betsy DeVos has her panties in a wad over it. The president promises the nation that her “Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!”

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, has already sponsored a bill called “the Saving American History Act of 2020.” He wants to “prohibit the use of federal funds to teach the 1619 Project by K-12 schools or school districts.” Any that continue the brainwashing agenda will also get their “federal professional-development grants” chopped off.

Liberal rules are constantly changing

At this year’s Republican convention, while delivering his acceptance speech, President Trump declared, “Americans are exhausted, trying to keep up with the latest lists of approved words and phrases, and the ever more restrictive political decrees. Many things have a different name now, and the rules are constantly changing.” It wouldn’t be that way except for the progressive brainwashing. “We want our sons and daughters to know the truth. America is the greatest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world. Our country wasn’t built by cancel culture, speech codes, and crushing conformity. We are not a nation of timid spirits.” Not only is the president out to protect each and every one of our monuments and statues, even the confederate ones, he calls “Black Lives Matter” a “symbol of hate.”

On Friday, President Trump angered liberals with a bold stroke of his pen, banning federal agencies from conducting racial sensitivity brainwashing related to “white privilege” and “critical race theory.” Russell Vought, director of the Office of Management and Budget, “instructed heads of federal agencies to dramatically alter racial sensitivity training programs for employees deeming them ‘un-American propaganda’ in a two-page memo.” Our nuclear weapons designers are thrilled to hear it. According to what American Thinker has uncovered, Sandia, Los Alamos, and Livermore aren’t the cutting edge nuclear security assets they’re supposed to be, they’re “anti-nuclear weapon labs.” The “left-leaning cultural climate,” handed down from above, stuffs “Critical Race Theory” down the throats of employees, “undermines loyalty to the United States and greatly increases risk of treasonous activities, including betraying nuclear secrets to hostile foreign governments.”

One liberal professor even admitted “that he would not send good students to the National Laboratories but would write strong recommendations for poor students in order to help sabotage its staff.” The practical result of the policy, which was shared by other liberal university professors is that “the young current workers at Sandia were all fervent Bernie supporters whereas the retirees (from a former generation) were quite different. Because of all this brainwashing, the present crop of zombies will not have the sense of duty and commitment that motivated the development of the weapons of the past.”

What the insiders are terrified of is that “all the so-called ‘nuclear weapon labs’ have become counter-cultural sinecures for the left.” It “deeply corrupts” the ability to “do science.” For example, Sandia was forced into “gross underestimation of the EMP threat,” based on the liberal “hysterical views on ‘climate change,’ and irrational commitment to a so-called ‘science-based stockpile stewardship program’ that cannot really guarantee the safety and reliability of U.S. nuclear weapons.” All the brainwashing produced the same result as Florida’s engineering school. They built a pedestrian bridge using “common core” math which immediately collapsed before it was ever opened for use. Imagine nukes built to that standard of quality.

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