Failed Democrat Decides to Campaign for Another Failed Democrat


She’s been exiled to a campaign tour officially ordering all card carrying Democrats in the state to just say “no.” The Jeopardy question is Gavin Newsom’s recall vote. Democrats love to live in their own fantasy land of unicorns farting pixie dust everywhere. That’s why Hollywood is in California. All liberals need to save one Democrat political failure is another. The Imperial Palace ordered Kamala Harris off to the left coast anyway.


Anchor the Newsom campaign

She refuses to follow the campaign trail any further south than San Francisco because our border Czarina is allergic to bad press.

While allegedly there to anchor support for Gavin Newsom, it’s hard to see how she won’t end up dragging him down to the depths of depravity plaguing the palace.

The last time Harris was supposed to campaign for the soon to be ex-governor, a little snag came up and she couldn’t make it. The Taliban “takeover of Afghanistan and the terrorist attack that killed 13 service members” got in the way.

Progressives are convinced that semi-Rastafarian Harris will pass some of her good vibes along to the unpopular Democrat. The one who’s not quite but almost a “nephew” of Nancy Pelosi.

The poll takers have been giving Democrats some talking points on the news show circuit by putting Newsom’s chances of keeping his job on the plus side.

The fine print at the bottom of the page reveals that yes, he’s ahead but the margin of error on the poll covers the spread. Campaign pundits aren’t calling it in his favor yet. California decides on September 14 if Newsom stays or if he goes. If he goes, they’ll also decide who replaces him. “Don’t let it be a REPUBLICAN,” they whine.

Battle for the Bay Area

Kamala Harris might not be able to do a single thing to get the hostages out of Afghanistan or stop the invasion of our Southern border but she’s all set to rally “Democrat voters in support of embattled California Gov. Gavin Newsom” at a campaign rally or two.

The way the palace sees it, she’s not automatically expected to fail that one, even though it may turn out that way in the end. That’s better than her chances of forcing the Taliban to turn six planes worth of hostages loose.

In Kabul, they’re boasting that the Ayatollah only had one plane load of hostages to hold over the head of Jimmy Carter. The Taliban and ISIS K have six they’re sitting on right now.

Time for a Harris campaign to save Newsom from the deplorables in California. Maybe she can start an insurrection or something and blame it on Devin Nunes. There is one little problem they weren’t considering. Her poll numbers are currently worse than Newsom’s.

It was announced on Sunday that she’ll be delivered by Air Force Two on Wednesday to appear “alongside Newsom at a campaign event in the Bay Area.” He’s going to be standing far away so she can be cropped out of the photos later. “48 percent of Americans said they don’t approve of Harris’ job performance, making her one of the most unpopular politicians in U.S. history.”

What most folks don’t realize is that there is even more at stake here for the Democrats. “This period between now and the midterms is critical for the Biden administration for their chances of holding control of Congress.” Not only that, “probably also the White House.”

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