Well, the whole Trump collusion case just got a lot more interesting.

One of the agents that was tasked with the investigation has just found himself in cuffs.

Charles McGonigal, who retired from the FBI in 2018, was charged with violating U.S. sanctions in relation to Russian Oleg Deripaska.

What Does It Mean?

Well, that is a very good question.

I have already seen some news outlets take the narrative that McGonigal proves that Trump was in bed with the Russians.

Not really sure how they make that connection since McGonigal was also tied to the Steele dossier.

If anything, McGonigal was interested in helping Hillary, not Trump.

McGonigal was charged with Sergey Shestakov, a former Soviet and Russian diplomat who later became a U.S. citizen and a Russian interpreter for courts and government offices.

The narrative that this proves Trump was guilty is shattered by the fact that McGonigal was one of the agents who first learned of a Trump adviser allegedly having a conversation with a foreign diplomat over Hillary’s emails.

Why would McGonigal make such a report that would lead to the opening of an investigation if he was working with the Russians to help Trump?

To that point, any mainstream reporter that takes that route is nothing more than a partisan hack.

Source: Fox News

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