Federal Agents are Leaving Portland and It’s Still a Shi*thole, Over 100 Shots Ring Out Over The Weekend


As chaos consumes the fascist city of Portland, Oregon, federal agents are already being withdrawn as violence becomes the norm.

Federal Agents Say Bye-Bye to Fascist Oregon

Federal forces were deployed in Portland in July and the Department of Homeland Security has called to begin a withdrawal of the agents from the city.

“More than 150 rounds were fired and one woman was shot in Portland on Friday night while protesters on Saturday – some of whom appeared to impersonate press – threw glass bottles and shined lasers at city police officers sent to quell the nighttime unrest witnessed for more than two months straight,” Fox News reported.

DHS’s decision came on Wednesday and said it felt confident tensions have calmed down enough for the Oregon State Police and the Portland Police Department to handle incidents such as protecting Portland’s federal courthouse.

Well, DHS spoke too soon. As of Friday night, rioters set fire to the streets, burned Bibles and vandalized buildings.

Getting even worse, on Saturday night, Portland’s Police blotter showed that rioters “shined bright lights at Portland police officers standing outside the building, directed lasers at the officers, and eventually began throwing glass bottles at them.”

ANTIFA and BLM Take Over

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter protesters have been wreaking terror in cities across the country and Portland has been an epicenter of these violent movements.

Rioters have now gone into residential neighborhoods terrorizing innocent residents where there is less law enforcement presence.

“Portland Police have directed people to stay off the property at the Penumbra Kelly Building property. Anyone who enters the property may be subject to force or arrest,” the Portland Police tweeted Saturday night. “People in this unlawful assembly have thrown glass bottles at Portland Police and directed lasers at them. Anyone who does not disperse may be subject to force or arrest.”

DHS Says Violence is Lessening But Facts Show Different

DHS claims violence in Portland is dissipating but said that agents would stay at the courthouse until the nightly vandalism incidence wind down and “the courthouse and other federal property are safe.”

“After weeks of rioting and nightly attacks on federal officers and property, activity in the vicinity of the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse continues in an overall trend of diminishing violence as a result of the increased cooperation between state and federal law enforcement,” DHS said in a statement. “In stark contrast to the intense weekend violence in Portland over the past two months, protests around federal property remained generally peaceful with only minor incidents of malicious activity.”

As rioters take over cities in a more significant effect, it might just be a matter of time before a more drastic approach will be used.

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