Google Whistleblower and Fierce Hillary Critic Says Wife’s Horrific Car Crash May NOT Be an ‘Accident’

Has the Clinton mafia struck again?
Dr. Epstein
Photo via Senator Ted Cruz YouTube Video Screenshot

Isn’t it rather amazing how anyone that crosses Hillary and Bill Clinton seems to die far too young and in a rather mysterious fashion?

Dr. Robert Epstein, the professor who famously exposed a Google algorithm that many believed tainted search results in favor of Hillary during the 2016 election, recently lost his wife tragically in an “accident.”

Many believe his wife, Misti, died in a car that was meant for Dr. Epstein to be in or that someone was simply sending him a message, including Dr. Epstein himself.

Exposing Google

Dr. Epstein was called before Congress to explain what he called SEME, or the search engine manipulation effect.

During the election, there were considerable questions about the autofill functions of Google and how negative search results were often shown for Trump and positive links were shown for Hillary.

There is much more to this, of course, but the nuts and bolts of it were that Epstein claimed the algorithm by Google was mentally manipulating voters during the 2016 election.

More importantly, he believed those election results could be manipulated even further in 2020 to push more voters toward a Democrat candidate and away from Donald Trump. 

Epstein claimed (and Google denied) that these manipulations could have possibly influenced the vote in favor of Hillary by about 15 million votes.

That being the case, if Epstein is right, Hillary would have lost the popular vote as well as the electoral vote.

I do remember this story because Project Veritas also had a former Google employee come forward with the same manipulations occurring today that were going on then.

Here is Dr. Epstein testifying with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)…

A Horrific Death

After testifying, Dr. Epstein stated many people warned him that his life could be in danger for going after Hillary Clinton.

Just a short time afterward, he announced via social media that his wife had been killed in a horrific car accident.

Then, when the Daily Mail UK published an article about his wife’s death, Dr. Epstein sent out a tweet that sent the conspiracy theory world on its ear…

Dr. Epstein sent out another tweet letting the entire world know he was not suicidal, just in case something did happen to him.

Conspiracy theorist or not… it sure does make you think and it absolutely adds to the legend of the Clinton mafia.

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  1. I remember when Epstein testified in the Senate and he said that a minimum of 2.6 million and as many as 15 million voters may have voted for Hillary rather than Trump because of the Google algorithm (if you googled Trump you got only negative results, whereas if you googled Clinton you got only positive results). I remember hearing that he was told that he wasn’t going to live very long after making such accusations in a report to Congress. I also read where his wife was killed in an accident a short time later. But, at that time he was reluctant to say his testimony and his wife’s death were related-but it sounds like he has now changed his tune. Couple all of the illegals who vote in California and 2.6 million Google converts and Hillary’s excuse for failure disappears.

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