GOP House Member Abandons His Office… Disappears

Photo Courtesy of Arend via Creative Commons License

It would appear that Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) has checked out.

The controversial Republican has emptied his office both in DC and NC.

His phones are going to voicemail with a message that he can no longer help his constituents.

This is a problem.

You Still Have 2 Months!

Hawthorn is stealing money from the American people.

Even though he lost his primary, he remains in office until the new term starts in January.

Cleaning out his DC office is bad enough, but the fact he is no longer answering to his constituents is despicable.

So, for two months, he is just going to pick up a check and not earn it.

If McCarthy lets this stand, it just proves he should not have a leadership role.

Source: New York Post

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