He Left Fox News…Now He’s Been Canned From New Gig

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The trail of journalists left behind in Trump’s wake is pretty impressive.

Chris Cuomo has been relegated to NewsNation.

Chris Wallace bombed on a streaming service and continues to fail with his new CNN show.

And then there is Shepard Smith… who just got fired.

Cutting Ties

After Smith got on his high horse and left Fox News, all he could do was question how some of his former coworkers slept at night.

He fell into the trap that many journalists did in thinking that their opinion was the only opinion that was right in this world.

Smith moved over to CNBC and he gave long speeches about unbiased news, but he once again proved he has turned into nothing more than a liberal hack.

KC Sullivan was recently brought in to take over CNBC to get it back on track.

He did two things to make a splash.

First, he sent out a memo to staffers that stated that the network needed to get back to its roots and “prioritize and focus on our core strengths of business news and personal finance.”

He continued, “This is key in our efforts to continue building on our position as the number one global business news brand and to connect with new audiences of all kinds interested in their financial future.

“We need to further invest in business news content that provides our audiences actionable understanding of the complex developments in global markets and the implications on institutions, investors and individuals.

“During times of flux and uncertainty, our place in the lives of those we touch on-air, online and in person becomes even clearer, and more essential.”

Then he fired Shepard Smith.

Yeah, I would say that is sending a message.

Source: Newsmax

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