Here is How the Obama Administration Failed America After Pandemic Outbreak

Barack Obama
Photo Courtesy of Charles McCain via Creative Commons License

Questions are starting to be raised about why our national stockpile on certain items is so low, especially on masks… and now we know.

During the 2009 H1N1 outbreak, the Obama administration failed to restock the supply after draining it by roughly 100,000,000 masks.

Draining the Stockpile

In 2009-10, we had a massive outbreak of swine flu (H1N1).

During that outbreak, our national stockpile of N95 masks was virtually depleted.

After the crisis was over, the Obama administration used a federally funded committee to offer recommendations on how to deal with future pandemics.

One of those recommendations was to restore the national stockpile of masks, but it was never done.

This has left the national stockpile with about 12 million masks, obviously far less than are needed.

Considering health care workers are now running out of masks, that 100 million masks would have been rather useful right now.

Ask Joe

Every day, Joe Biden gets time in front of the cameras to tell everyone how he would deal with this pandemic to undermine the Trump administration.

Even though he is not president, the media continues to treat him as though he is, yet they are failing to ask Biden the really hard questions.

For instance, how come the Obama administration did not recommend a national shutdown to limit exposure and slow down the spread?

Why was the Mexican border not shut down, as this is where the virus was first reported as well as being the link to the first known death in the United States?

How come the Defense Production Act was not invoked during this outbreak?

How come the national stockpile of masks was not restored after the outbreak was over?

No, the media is giving Joe Biden a pass, even though he is now directly linked to one of the major shortages we are having in our health care supply chain right now.


  1. Get rid of the Democratic Communist Party (DCP) and you will see our country prosper like never seen before since its conception.

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    • Pretty sure the House Dem caucus will go from 75% socialist to 90% this cycle, Nancy accepted them, they will eat Nancy and old school Dems/Liberals this season. George Soros will be successful.


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