Here is Who Kamala Has Been Strategizing With

Kamala Harris is working with the NAACP and Stacey Abrams as she plans the next attempt to force through the Democrat led voting reform legislation. Abrams has been central to the voting debate in Georgia, where she advocates for minimal protections from voter fraud. Democrats in Congress are attempting to pass legislation which would force states to abandon many of the measures which are in place to prevent election fraud.


Kamala Harris joins Stacey Abrams

After the voting reform bill was initially defeated in a very narrow Senate vote, Kamala Harris vowed to keep trying to pass the legislation.

To accomplish this Kamala has turned to Stacey Abrams, who has been fighting for years to eliminate restrictions on voting in Georgia.

Under the leadership of Abrams Democrats have increasingly denounced policies which prevent voter fraud as being a new Jim Crow.

Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams covertly competed against each other in the past to be chosen as the Vice Presidential candidate under Joe Biden.

Now the two appear to be natural allies in their efforts to pass the voting reform legislation. Both women have had very close career trajectories; while neither has any significant accomplishments to point to, both have gained immense power and prestige by being in the right places at the right times.

In the future both women are undoubtedly prepared to fight bitterly with each other as they seek the White House. Both are being heavily propped up as future candidates for the presidency to follow Biden.

Democrats aim to secure future victories

For now Abrams and Kamala have other priorities. The voting reform is essential for both women if either of them is to have a chance to take the White House.

The vital legislation is designed in every way to maximize the number of future votes which can be farmed by Democrats.

Cities which are heavily controlled by Democrats in important swing states will theoretically be able to produce as many votes as the party needs to win the state.

While Democrats universally deny that voter fraud takes place in America to any significant extent, their determination to eliminate voter ID and other protections against fraud seems to suggest otherwise.

It should be absurd to suggest that voter fraud does not exist in a nation as large as the United States and particularly in cities with well known corruption problems.

When Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams deny that voter fraud exists in America they are essentially saying that all politicians are saints. Their own attempts to facilitate their future election victories with the voting reform legislation will attest to how untrue this is.

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