Here it Comes: Biden and White House Receives the News


Nobody is disputing that they’re in charge so the Taliban reached out to Joe Biden to give him a deadline and a quid pro quo. They won’t interfere with the evacuation but they want every American out of their country by our beloved 9/11 anniversary. The terrorists have a lot on their plate so they decided to act gracious. The business of taking charge of a whole country’s government can be hectic and confusing.


A warning to Biden

The Taliban issued a warning to Joe Biden but they didn’t specify what the penalty would be for missing their arbitrary deadline. They want every infidel out of their country by September 11.

They don’t seem to be real impressed with the extra military units the Pentagon sent over to “oversee the evacuation of United States forces and Afghan interpreters.”

Through their spokesman, the Taliban advised Biden that since September 11, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks they might as well make it symbolic here too. Get out by then or face the consequences.

Official Taliban media spokesperson Suhail Shaheen has been getting a lot of face time on the networks this week. He promised reporters with Sky News that “the Taliban has not received any financial aid from Russia, China, or Pakistan. Yet. They do have “good relations with them.”

Shaheen promised that they “are committed not to attack” retreating U.S. forces but they should all be gone by 9/11. “We are getting political support. We visited China and also Russia. You may have seen the reports. They said the Taliban is a great political and military force of Afghanistan.”

They want Biden to wake up and smell the coffee. That is a reality. And also, they supported us. This we are getting.”

America already running late

According to Shaheen, they kept their side of the “commitment to not attack United States forces” but we already violated our own timeline. Biden made a promise to them and blew it already.

“I think they should get their troops out of Afghanistan. They have already violated the time frame which was enshrined in the Doha agreement, then they announced that they will withdraw all their forces [by] September 11. So they should withdraw all their forces, but we are committed not to attack them. And we have not attacked them.”

As far as all those people who got killed at Kabul airport, none of that was their fault. It was Biden and the confusion he caused which resulted in Afghanis falling from the sky. Thousands “of Afghans breached barriers and engulfed the runway, with many climbing airplanes in hope of leaving the country ahead of the Taliban takeover.

Videos made the rounds showing “several dozen people clinging to the landing gear of a U.S. Air Force C-17 cargo plane as it taxied on the runway ahead of takeoff.”

The Taliban say it’s all our fault. “I think that was for the Americans to maintain security, not to allow all those to enter the airport. Because our forces were not there, we were not responsible. They were responsible. It was their airplane, not ours. All those, they belong to them, not to us.”

The blood of those people is on the hands of Joe Biden, not the Taliban.

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