Hollywood Legend Tests Positive

Hollywood is stunned.
Tom Hanks Coronavirus
Photo via Tom Hanks Instagram Screenshot

Proof that the coronavirus does not discriminate among the rich and poor just hit him for liberal Hollywood.

Tom Hanks announced via Instagram that both he and his wife Rita have tested positive for the virus…


Down Under

Hanks is currently in Australia filming a movie about Elvis Presley.

During the last few days, he stated they both had felt a bit tired and had some normal flu-like symptoms.

As such, they went for testing and found out that they both have the virus.

Afterward, their son Colin made a video to put everyone’s worries to rest.


The Misinformation Highway

The amount of bad information that is out there on this virus is rather shocking.

The sad thing is that our politicians are probably the biggest contributors of that information.

For instance, Bernie Sanders predicted more than 416,000 possible deaths from the virus.

He had nothing but a random statement from the congressional attending physician, a man not working in conjunction with the likes of Dr. Fauci, the CDC, or the World Health Organization.

Joe Biden is also guilty.

After saying Trump’s response has been slow, he outlined a plan to address the situation.

The only problem for Joe was that his entire plan is everything the Trump administration has already put into play.

Biden also made sure to call Trump a xenophobe for putting in travel restrictions and citing the virus as having originated from Wuhan.

He made that statement even though the shutting down of our borders to certain countries is widely believed to have dramatically slowed down the progress of the virus in this country.

Suddenly, naming a virus for its origination has become racist, so I guess we better get working on changing the names of the Spanish Flu, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), West Nile Virus, and the German Measles, among others.

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