Home POLITICS Hollywood Star Labeled White Supremacist After Refusing to Endorse Joe Biden

Hollywood Star Labeled White Supremacist After Refusing to Endorse Joe Biden

Hollywood Star Labeled White Supremacist After Refusing to Endorse Joe Biden

A famous Hollywood star and unapologetic Christian has been attacked as a ‘homophobic white supremacist’ by the left for refusing to take part in a Joe Biden fundraiser. Luckily, one “Avengers” actor has come to his defense.

The media and the left have automatically concluded that actor Chris Pratt is a conservative and a Trump supporter because he does not want to get involved in politics. Many have also stated that the star radiates “homophobic white Christian supremacist energy.”

Refusing to Get Political

Pratt reportedly refused to take part in an event called the “Voters Assemble: The Cast of The Avengers Unite for Democracy,” which was a pro-Biden event organized by his fellow “Avengers” castmates.

“On Tuesday, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Rudd, Don Cheadle, and Zoe Saldana will participate in a fundraising event to support Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris,” Vanity Fair reported.

“Yet while there was broad interest in the latest star-studded push for the Biden campaign, it’s the absence of one key Avengers star that has caused the biggest stir on social media. Shortly after the event was announced, Chris Pratt’s name trended on Twitter, with many criticizing the Guardians of the Galaxy star for his perceived political views,” the outlet noted.

Pratt has never officially endorsed either candidate, and it seems that the star just wishes to remain neutral. Despite this, many on the left have assumed that because Pratt won’t outright endorse Joe Biden, he is proclaiming his support for Trump.

Labeled Conservative, Homophobic, White Supremacist

“Pratt is open about his Christian faith but has not been overtly political in his public statements. Pratt told Men’s Fitness in 2017, ‘I don’t feel represented by either side. I really feel there’s common ground out there that’s missed because we focus on the things that separate us.’ He was also photographed wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the Gadsden flag, which was popular with many conservative groups,” The Daily Wire reported.

Pratt was attacked over the weekend for allegedly radiating “homophobic white Christian supremacist energy.”

Twitter user @cinematicsmith posted a picture of Regina King’s character from HBO’s Watchmen finding a KKK uniform in character Judd Crawford’s closet alongside a caption that read “chris pratt’s closet be like,” implying the actor was an outright white supremacist.

Criticized for His Church

The criticism of Chris Pratt’s church and faith is also being revived.

Back in 2019, Pratt found himself defending his church after actress Ellen Page said it was “infamously anti –LBGTQ.”

“It has recently been suggested that I belong to a church which ‘hates a certain group of people’ and is ‘infamously anti –LGBTQ.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. I go to a church that opens their doors to absolutely everyone,” Pratt posted via social media.

“My faith is important to me but no church defines me or my life and I am not spokesman for any church or any group of people. My values define who I am. We need less hate in this world, not more. I am a man who believes that everyone is entitled to love who they want free from the judgment of their fellow man. … Jesus said, ‘I give you a new command, love one another.’ This is what guides me in my life. He is a God of Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. Hate has no place in my or this world,” Pratt added.

The left is currently trying to claim, without evidence, that Pratt and his church are pro-conversion therapy:

Defending Pratt

Fellow “Avengers” actor Robert Downey Jr. came out in defense of Chris Pratt on Instagram, posting a picture of the two on set together with the caption:

What a world… The “sinless” are casting stones at my #brother, Chris Pratt… A real #Christian who lives by #principle, has never demonstrated anything but #positivity and #gratitude… AND he just married into a family that makes space for civil discourse and (just plain fact) INSISTS on service as the highest value. If you take issue with Chris,,, I’ve got a novel idea. Delete your social media accounts, sit with your OWN defects of #character, work on THEM, then celebrate your humanness… @prattprattpratt I #gotyerbackbackback”



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