Infectious Disease Expert Destroys Democrat Mail-In Voting Narrative


There will be bodies piling up in the streets if we don’t immediately shift to mail-in voting for November’s General Election, Democrats sob. Nope sorry, not true, that’s fake news. Ryan Westergaard, the chief medical officer at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services just made a statement which totally destroys the Democrat narrative.


No need for mail-in voting chaos

Democrats are desperate to gain every advantage they can and it’s no secret that they use every dirty election and voter fraud in their Saul Alinsky play-book at every twist and turn. Democrats would love to throw this year’s election into chaos because their candidate doesn’t stand a chance in an honest election. Liberals turned to the indigo blue state of Wisconsin to prove why nobody should be allowed to vote in person when it comes time to pick the president this year. Their mail-in voting scheme just exploded in their faces.

Three weeks after 413,000 Wisconsin voters braved limited social distancing to vote in person, the expected “spike” in Covid-19 cases hasn’t happened. “About two dozen people may have been infected.” Maybe. Nobody can say for sure so they’re afraid to even call it an “uptick.” Experts, they say, “are cautious.” A hard look at the numbers shows that an outbreak at a meat packing plant was a bigger contributor.

Ryan Westergaard isn’t afraid to go out on a limb. the Department of Health Services’ chief medical officer insists that “a link could not be established between the election and the very small number of cases that had developed among the 413,000 voters who showed up to the polls on April 7.” There you have it. President Trump is right. “With the data we have, we can’t prove an association.” As much as they would love to. His colleague Oguzhan Alagoz, an expert in infectious-disease modeling at the University of Wisconsin backs him up. “I don’t think that the in-person election led to a major effect,” he reports.

Liberals went wrong with absolute certainty

Not only were liberals wrong, they were “certainly” wrong. To back up the State’s progressive Governor Tony Evers, health-department secretary-designee, Andrea Palm “expressed absolute certitude that in-person voting would result in more COVID-19 deaths.” The logic is inescapable, she lied. “In-person voting would, without question, accelerate the transmission of COVID-19 and increase the number of cases. An increase in the number of cases in Wisconsin would result in more deaths.” Wrong, and wrong again. Mail-in voting isn’t the answer.

Even Governor Evers was in favor of keeping the polls open and on April 2, Joe Biden said he did too. Evers kept insisting that postponing the election would be illegal. Four days before the scheduled election on April 3, he flipped like a pancake and decided to ask the legislature to “change the law so that an all-mail election could be held in May.” State Republicans told him where to stuff his suggestion. The state Supreme Court agreed.

Voters did their best to maintain a proper distance and generally waited outdoors in lines stretching from the polling places. That right there has suggested to the experts that “the virus does not spread well outdoors.”

  1. Instead of calling the current virus as the coronavirus or the COVID-19; how about calling it the democraticpartyvirus?

    USAF (RET)

  2. The demoncrats have been grasping at straws. Between now and Nov. it’s going to be like watching a circus.

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