IRS Just Misplaced MILLIONS of Sensitive Records


The IRS has managed to do it again.

Only a year after destroying data on 30 million taxpayers, the IRS has lost more files.

According to a recent Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report, millions of tax records were misplaced.

All this means is that the IRS has potentially exposed millions of Americans to identity theft.

Heads Need to Roll

The investigation found that seven boxes were missing their content, located at the Ogden, Utah, facility.

The boxes should have contained microfilm cartridges, with each cartridge holding thousands of records.

This is how the IRS stores backup information, and now it is all missing.

There were also another 8,000 microfilm cartridges missing from a processing center in Kansas that had come from California.

The TIGTA stated, “The personal taxpayer and tax information included on these backup cartridges is key information that can be used to commit tax refund fraud identity theft.”

David Vladeck, former consumer protection chief at the Federal Trade Commission, added, “On a scale from one to 10, this is a 15.

“This is a five-alarm fire, if what we know about this so far is true.”

The Biden administration just continues to amaze us with the screwups it is capable of.

But, when the big cheese only works three and a half days a week and spends the rest of his time at the beach, what should we really expect?

Source: Daily Mail

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