Italy Makes Shocking Admission, They ‘Will be Left to Die’

Oh my God…
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The country of Italy has reportedly made a decision that is going to give Medicare-for-All a major blow.

According to Yahoo News, doctors are starting to abandon care for patients over the age of 80 to give care to younger patients that have a better chance of recovery.

Too Old for Care

One of the biggest arguments against single-payer health care is that the government gets to dictate who gets the care and who does not.

If you are paying for your insurance, you make that call, not the government.

When resources get stretched, rather than do what we are doing in our country, the government gets to dictate that some people simply are not worth the resources needed.

For Italy, patients over 80 in poor health are being denied intensive care.

Translation: they are being left to die.

According to the report, a crisis management unit is drawing up a protocol to address this situation.

The document stated, “The growth of the current epidemic makes it likely that a point of imbalance between the clinical needs of patients with COVID-19 and the effective availability of intensive resources will be reached.

“Should it become impossible to provide all patients with intensive care services, it will be necessary to apply criteria for access to intensive treatment, which depends on the limited resources available.”

It further states, “The criteria set out guidelines if the situation becomes of such an exceptional nature as to make the therapeutic choices on the individual case dependent on the availability of resources, forcing [hospitals] to focus on those cases in which the cost/benefit ratio is more favorable for clinical treatment.”

Roberto Testi, president of the coranavirus technical-scientific committee for Piedmont, stated,  “Here in Piedmont we aim to delay as long as possible the use of these criteria. At the moment there are still intensive care places available and we are working to create more.

“We want to arrive as late as possible at the point where we have to decide who lives and who dies.

“The criteria relate only to access to intensive care – those who do not get access to intensive care will still receive all the treatment possible. In medicine, we sometimes have to make difficult choices but it’s important to have a system about how to make them.”

Something to keep in mind is that Italy only has a population of about 60 million people, whereas we have about 350 million.

If a single-payer system is not working for 60 million people, how is it going to work for 350 million people in a time of crisis?

Ask Bernie Sanders that question next time he starts spewing about Medicare-for-All.

  1. So if Biden was living in Italy and had “COV-19 ” the government run health system would let him die with treatment for the disease. This sounds like the ” death knell ” for ” MEDICARE FOR ALL “

  2. Sorry, no tears of sorrow for the old people of Italy. They made their beds by allosing a Socialist Government to evolve there and now must live with that decision. That should be a strong message to the fools in the United States who think Socialism is the answer to all their problems.

  3. Italy has a very (relative) high population of aged, a very high percentage of smokers, high in the aged.
    There is no avoidance of “Natural Selection” and aged. Regrettable as it may be, no one lives forever and we must admit many of the aged alive today would not be alive in the same condition just 50 years ago.
    It will seem harsh, or uncaring to some, but we all have our time coming, there are always only going to be a certain amount of resources available, Italy’s centralized Medicine has hit their point of maximized asset use combined with the ‘aged and pre-existing conditions’. This makes Natural Selection currently.
    I’ve a 90 year old mother, I have dread, I’m very close to 70 but rational.

  4. Compared to America, Drinking and smoking are extremely high and in certain locations there is no age limits to purchase wine. The attitudes of the youth concerning this epidemic are like,”If I get the virus, oh well.” In America too, you saw in the news of the kids flocking to Florida for spring break with no regard to the number of people or proximity to each other, and greedy merchants open for business in spite of mandatory emergency law to close.

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