Liberals Caught in the Act and it’s ALL Documented

Liberals FBI twitter domestic terror

The FBI recently posted on Twitter asking for tips about domestic extremists. The responses are insane. Liberals are ratting out anyone who supports President Trump. These people absolutely despise Conservatives!


FBI asking for tips

The FBI just posted this on its official twitter account: “Do you know tips from the community have helped the FBI disrupt potentially violent extremists? You can read the report from the FBI to review the signs that may indicate someone is planning an act of extremist violence.”

Liberals were quick to reply, ratting out every Conservative they know. “You should check out Parler I heard that is where all the terrible people who wish to cause terrorism have been openly speaking about it,” one user wrote.

Another replied, “Do you consider unregulated militias as extremist organizations? Asking for a friend (who along with many other friends work as Sheriff’s Deputies).” The Tweet had a picture of a man firing a pistol at a shooting range. Extremist? No. Just a red blooded American who supports the Second Amendment.

Liberals rat on Trump supporters

Liberals have declared war on patriotic Conservative Americans. They absolutely despise our country, our history and our values. They seek to shred our Constitution, topple statues of our founders and rebuild the country into their own Socialist utopia, but us patriots refuse to let that happen.

One Liberal maniac on Twitter posted, “I’d like to report Donald J. Trump for promoting violence and domestic terrorism.” Another posted, “Sure, our potus is doing fly overs to show support for extremists like the Proud Boys and other new nazi groups, as well as members of numerous seditious extremists. Could you maybe do something about that?”

These Lefties are truly delusional. For years they’ve been harassing and assaulting Trump supporters, rioting and burning down cities across the country. The mainstream media has called them “mostly peaceful protesters” fighting for racial justice. Meanwhile, any Conservative who supports President Trump is immediately labeled as a Nazi or a Klan member. Sadly, all his took place under President Trump. Just imagine what they’ll get away with under the Biden administration. Things are about to get ugly for us patriots.

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