Six Obama Officials Caught Using Aliases in Emails, Including Obama and Biden

Barack Obama
Photo Courtesy of Charles McCain via Creative Commons License

Remember when they tried to say the Obama administration was the only administration in recent history that had no scandals?

Well, another scandal just broke.

Reports are out that six Obama officials were using aliases in email communications, and this included Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Uh, Is That Legal?

We all know about Hillary Clinton, and we recently found that Joe Biden was also using different names for emails, but there was also Loretta Lynch, Lisa Jackson, Eric Holder, and yes, Barack Obama.

I don’t know what possible reason they could have for using email accounts with aliases other than something shady going on.

And, now that I mentioned it, that was exactly what Joe Biden was doing.

One of the email accounts used by Biden was Robert Peters.

And guess what email address showed up in about two dozen Hunter Biden emails regarding Burisma?

Yes, that would be Robert Peters.

At least one of those emails was addressed to the Ukrainian president at the time, the same guy that fired the prosecutor that was allegedly looking into Burisma when Joe Biden strong-armed Ukraine into firing the man.

This, of course, happened while Hunter Biden was pulling down a cool $83k per month for his board position.

But hey, there is nothing to see here, right?

Source: Breitbart

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