Markle and Harry in Hot Water After Steamy Photos Surface… Queen is Livid!

Problems in paradise…
Meghan Markle
Photo via Men’s Health YouTube Video Screenshot

The public relations mess for the controversial Royals continues.


Old photos of Meghan Markle from a 2013 Men’s Health photoshoot are making their way around again and word on the street is that the Queen, among others, is NOT happy with the former actress.

Once a Sex Kitten

If we are being honest, Megan Markle made her money before she met Prince Harry by being a sex symbol.

She really hit the scene for her role in “Suits,” where she regularly dressed in rather provocative business attire.

Let’s just say she was not on the show for her acting skills.

Prince Harry was apparently a fan of the show and the two eventually had a budding romance that ended up with Markle landing the new title of Duchess.

Long before she was hanging out with the Queen of England, though, Meghan was making sultry videos and doing magazine shoots that left little to the imagination.

One of the shoots resulted in some rather “racy” photos coming from this video that she did for Men’s Health…

The New Royal

Harry and Meghan started their romance in late 2016, and it never went over well with the Royal Family, for several reasons.

First and foremost, there were rumors that the Queen was not exactly thrilled the Markle was mixed race.

Second, there is the history that Markle has an actress and model.

When their engagement was announced in November 2017, the tabloids found every racy picture they had of Markle and the British media plastered them all over the place, trying to shame Harry into breaking up with her.

The Queen has always shunned Meghan, often giving her the cold shoulder in public, and it undoubtedly got far worse after this.

More recently, Harry and Meghan left the Royal Family due to the pressures and alleged racist attitudes within the family.

Without that royal bounty to live off, we may see more of this from Meghan, because I think we all know Harry is not going to get a job anytime soon!

    1. I totally agree with your comment Steve. This is how LIBERALS look, and each of these two nit-wits deserve one another.

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