Massive Security BREACH… Everyone Impacted


The effort to ban TikTok has been going on since Trump was in office.

Actually, had Democrats not laughed off Trump’s accusations about China and TikTok, this app would probably be out of business.

Instead, they embraced it, and now everyone is at risk.

Easy Access

What most people do not realize is that even though TikTok is owned by a different entity, that entity is still beholden to China.

At any given time, China can demand access to records.

That means, if you are a user of TikTok, your data could be in Chinese hands anytime that China decides it wants access.

Fox News discusses in the video below…

Numerous states have already banned the app and the federal government finally did the same.

That, however, will not remove it from the phones of the tens of millions of Americans that still use the app on a regular basis.

Do so at your own risk because if tensions continue to rise between the United States and China, you better believe China will weaponize that app.

Source: Fox News

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